How to choose the electric cooking panel?

How to choose the electric cooking panel?

Such kitchen equipment attracts consumers with the functionality and interesting design for a long time. With this adaptation it is possible to equip the working area of kitchen by the last word of technical progress, and in full accordance with the desires and requirements. How to choose the electric cooking panel – in this article.

Types of panels and material of production

Of course, first of all they differ in the dimensions and quantity of rings, but not this main thing. Upon purchase it is necessary to remember that cooking surfaces can be dependent and independent. The first are delivered together with certain models of ovens and have the general with them the control unit. That is at failure of any component, the second automatically ceases to work. At self-contained units the control unit that significantly expands a circle of the choice and places for placement. This aspect will be decisive for those who doubt that it is better – a plate or the cooking panel and cannot be defined in any way.

Being interested what cooking panel it is better to buy, it is worth paying attention to material of its production:

  • the enameled surface – the old, checked by time option, inexpensive and strong though over time on enamel there can be chips, scratches and so forth;
  • stainless steel – durable and reliable, but whimsical in respect of leaving;
  • the glass ceramics is modern option, very beautiful and stylish. Quickly cools down and quickly heats up, but is afraid of blows, falling of objects and also influences of sacchariferous substances. The last can leave whitish spots on its surface.

Variety of heating elements

That who asks what cooking panel is better, is recommended to get acquainted with the principle of work of its rings. Pig-iron rings heat up at the expense of the electric spiral hidden in disks. Level of heating can be regulated by turn of the handle of the regulator. This model is used not one decade and differs in reliability and low cost. In modern glass ceramics such types of heating elements are applied:

  • slow motion – the usual spirals generating heat at incandescence. On their heating and cooling 10 seconds leave;
  • halogen – besides a spiral, are equipped with special halogen lamps that allows such ring to heat up less, than in 10 seconds;
  • hi-light. Have a thin corrugated tape in the basis that allows besstupenchato to regulate power. It is warmed within 3–5 seconds;
  • induction work at the expense of the installed induction block which generates electromagnetic radiation. For such plate it is necessary to buy a ware set with ferromagnetic properties and absolutely equal bottom.

Main and additional functions

Refer existence of torches with the changeable field of heating to the main, for example, from round on oval according to a ware form. The most part of panels is equipped also with the indicator of residual heat that allows to see hotter temperature than a ring even after end robots and also the Boiling Automatic Equipment system. To additional it is possible to refer function of prevention of overheating, blocking of a control system that is relevant for families with small children. Those who asks that it is better – the cooking panel or the gas stove need to consider that from the economic point of view the second option is preferable. It is possible to buy the cooking gas panel, having understood what of them is better. And the most ideal option is to buy the combined equipment in which two types of heating – gas and electricity are presented.

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