How to choose the electric kettle?

How to choose the electric kettle?

The samovar which brought together all family at one table and was a subject of pride of owners was a prototype of a teapot. Both then, and today, the tea drinking is the integral attribute of both a breakfast, and other meals therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of this kitchen equipment with all responsibility. How to choose the electric kettle, it will be told in this article.

What teapot it is better to choose?

Among variety of the sizes, forms and coloring just right to become puzzled, but the very first criterion to which it is worth paying attention is the opened or closed type of a heating element is used in the device. At open type water directly contacts to a spiral, and at closed the last is built in a bottom. Today it is possible to find in sale also devices in which the bottom of a teapot heats up not a spiral, and the connected electric contacts. The open spiral type already consigns to the past as it is inconvenient in leaving, and the device cannot rotate on a support by all 360 degrees. Electric kettles of the last generation work most quietly than the others, and heat water even more effectively.

Those who is interested what electric kettle to choose should pay attention to the capacity of the device and its power. It is clear, that the more the number of family or staff, the more has to be capacity, and here power from 850 to 1500 W is quite enough for bringing water to boiling within 1.5-2 minutes.

What teapot to choose depending on case material?

The cheapest and easy teapots from plastic, but also the most short-lived. Upon purchase of a product from this material the main thing that it did not exude a strong smell of plastic. When heating it can emit the harmful impurity hazardous to health in water. Glass vessels or ceramics are safest and beautiful. However, they rather heavy, and besides and fragile, and glass in general demand frequent leaving and removal of a scum. More expensive segment – the electric device from stainless steel. It is also ideal option.

Those who asks what electric glass kettle it is better to choose should relying on the preferences in respect of design especially as modern devices from this material can have multi-colored illumination and a lot of additional functions. For example, the built-in system of filtration from a scum, shutdown in the absence of water in capacity, etc. The last two functions can be met also in other devices and also function of thermal control which will be appreciated by young mothers. That is the teapot if necessary will warm up water to temperature mix, necessary for cultivation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team