How to choose the fret saw?

How to choose the fret saw?

The reliable tool is necessary for carrying out construction and repair work therefore to learn how to choose the fret saw, follows before its purchase. Modern shops offer quite good selection of similar devices, and it is not simple to orient in it quite.

How to choose the fret saw for the house?

All models of this tool presented in shops are divided into manual and electric. The undoubted advantage of the first type is its low cost, but will work with it difficultly and time for a cut will leave much more. To one more essential shortcomings of a hand tool the fact that it will be possible to saw with its help only plywood or a tree whereas the electric device quite is suitable also for work on metal is. Therefore to decide to choose what type of the fret saw, it is necessary proceeding from what types of works you should execute, but most of people recommend to buy after all the electric device, tomorrow to you can be required to saw metal, and then the hand tool will become just useless toy.

What electric fret saw to choose for the house?

At assessment of concrete model pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Device power, than it will be higher, especially it will be quickly possible to make a cut.
  2. Quantity of the courses of a saw. It is recommended to choose models with an indicator of 3100-3500 courses in a minute.
  3. Drank existence of the regulator of frequency of the course. Such function will allow to work with various materials for a cut.

These three characteristics are considered as the most important, but experts advise still to pay attention and to how there is a replacement of saws. The model where fixation and removal of files is made by pressing of the special button, will be more expensive, but in work will use it much more comfortably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team