How to choose the gas stove?

How to choose the gas stove?

Modern gas stoves are hardly similar to the predecessors not only more laconic, thought over to trifles, design, but also a number of the improved technical characteristics and innovations. For anybody a secret that cooking on gas burners happens much quicker, in comparison with electric rings. Acquisition of the gas stove in the short term will allow to save not only electricity, but also personal time.

Therefore deciding on the choice of the gas stove for kitchen, it is necessary to know how it is correct to choose it in order that it as much as possible simplified life and did process of cooking by the most comfortable.

Gas stoves - what to choose?

First of all it is necessary to decide on a design and execution of the cooking panel.

The gas mixed with air moves to torches by means of special openings – nozzles. It is necessary to pay attention to their diameter as it is one of the main conditions for the correct operation. The size of nozzles directly depends on pressure of the gas supplied to the apartment. So with a stronger pressure, diameter of nozzles has to be minimum, at weak – it is more. Most of producers of gas stoves add to a delivery set additional nozzles with various diameter. It is very convenient as at any time it is possible to make their replacement independently, or having addressed to service center.

Choosing the correct gas stove, pay attention to such important point as material of which the cooking panel is manufactured. As a rule it is enameled, from stainless steel, and plates with a glass-ceramic covering began to appear recently. All these coverings at due leaving have high wear resistance and decorative value, however plates with an enamel and glass-ceramic covering will help to emphasize identity of kitchen thanks to a set of color variations.

Modern models of gas stoves are equipped with such useful functions as a control system of supply of gas and a car of ignition.

How to choose the built-in gas stove?

Such process as the choice of the built-in gas stove will demand to decide on a design. The built-in gas stoves are issued in two variations: dependent and independent.

Dependent gas stoves are placed only directly one above another, that is the cooking panel from above, an oven below because have one control unit which is located in an oven. Attractive plus of such plates is their low price.

Independent plates at the price will cost the buyer 10 times more. However it is possible to arrange them in kitchen as it is necessary for soul, for example, having placed an oven at the level of eyes and proceeding from the individual growth of the owner.

How to choose the gas stove with a good oven?

In spite of the fact that the gas cooking panel has more advantages before electric, the oven will only benefit from the fact that it will work at electricity.

Only the electric oven will allow to prepare the most tasty and appetizingly looking dish at the minimum expenses. That is why the majority of models of gas stoves are equipped with an electro-oven. Besides, process of preparation of dishes in the oven using gas, longer and a dish is quite often baked thoroughly unevenly, risking to be thrown out in a garbage can.

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