How to choose the geyser?

How to choose the geyser?

Geysers are not a novelty in the market of the household devices designed to facilitate human life. But for long-term history they managed to be modified and improve the indicators. Today they are established as to private houses, and apartments that allows to have always in the house hot water at extremely low price. How to choose the geyser, it will be told in this article.

What geyser it is better to choose?

Along with such characteristics as profitability, the compactness, safety and big service life, huge value have the performance, water pressure, power and other, narrower indicators. If to buy less productive device, then can happen so that it will not cope with water heating in several rooms at once.

Today on sale devices of three types meet:

  • with low indicators of power from 17 to 19 kW;
  • with average values of power from 22 to 24 kW;
  • with high rates of power from 28 to 31 kW.

For service of one water intaking point there will quite be enough device with a low power, and here if them in the house two and more, it should be taken into account purchase of more powerful column. It is necessary to remember that some producers specify power not in watts, and in liters a minute. In a case with several water intaking points performance has to be 13 l/min.

Asking how to choose the geyser for the apartment, it is necessary to study such function as the minimum pressure of water with which there is its inclusion. Living in old houses with a weak pressure of water the device working with a pressure more than 0.15 bars will not approach. Besides, the column has to be capable to bear also water hammer. The indicator of the maximum level of pressure which it can sustain is specified in the passport.

The interested, what geyser to choose for the apartment, function of modulation of power will be useful. If there is a difference of a pressure of water, then its temperature during a usage time can change illegally. Models with a possibility of modulation of power will automatically level a water pressure, having provided comfortable washing of ware or stay in soul. However, the device operates only in the set range and that who doubts what geyser to choose recommends to pay attention to the range fluctuating ranging from 40 up to 100% of the general power.

Type of ignition and heat exchanger

Modern geysers the automatic machine are kindled from a zapalnik and from an electrode and how to choose the most convenient option, not always clear. Giving on a zapalnik of gas is provided by the electric impulse created by one big battery, the hydrogenerator or a piezoelement. It is enough to press the button and the device will get to work. However, it is much more convenient to include a column turn of the gate of the crane. It will allow to prevent loss of gas during the work of a zapalnik. This device is considered the most reliable and economical.

As for heat exchanger type, but it directly influences equipment service life. Models in which heat exchangers underwent ultrasonic soldering, but not manual are considered as the most durable. In the last the quality depends on professionalism of the worker. The good safe column is always equipped with ionization control of burning level, the system of protection against lack of draft and protection against overheating. In the second case in this quality the temperature sensor installed in the top part of the device acts. At leakage of products of combustion the column will just stop gas supply. And in the latter case the device is automatically switched-off when water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team