How to choose the glucose meter?

How to choose the glucose meter?

Doctors endocrinologists recommend to all people to control without fail glucose level in blood at least once a year. Such measures are undertaken to do not pass an initial stage of development of diabetes, risk of development which it is especially high at people with excess body weight and elderly. For control of level of glucose it is necessary to make blood test in the conditions of medical institution or to use the medical device – the glucose meter in house conditions. Advantage of house control is that the person has an opportunity to make measurements at any time, without being distracted from works. How to choose the glucose meter for house control – further in article.

What glucose meter it is correct to choose for the house?

Today in the market of medical equipment the wide choice of devices is provided for measurement of level of glucose. They are photometric and electrochemical. The first sample quite difficult in use and service, therefore also not really popular. Operation of the second, electrochemical glucose meter, consists in chemical reaction of blood with reagents on a tester surface. He simple and clear in use also does not demand a special care.

What to choose the electrochemical glucose meter?

For a good choice of the device it is necessary to define target group of users.

For elderly and poorly able to see people the main functions of the device are the big display and voice maintenance. Usability is also important, you should not choose multipurpose models.

If measurements are taken more often to the child, then the number of single blood sampling necessary for obtaining result is important here. It can differ is dependent on model and the producer.

For modern users the producers produce models of glucose meters with the built-in port for contact with the personal computer.

All glucose meters are equipped with the built-in memory which remembers and keeps the previous results of measurements. Their number makes that 30 till 1500.

The device price directly depends on its functions and opportunities, the more simply, the cheaper. By results of the carried-out tests it is possible to draw a conclusion that the correctness of measurement of level of sugar in blood different models of devices is almost identical. Results have a small admissible error and are considered as truthful.

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