How to choose the graphic tablet?

How to choose the graphic tablet?

In the modern world the new gadgets and the equipment captivated everything around. It concerned and artists who can create the masterpieces on the computer. For this purpose it is possible to use the touch or pen-type graphic tablet, but what to choose, it is necessary to understand. This device is the board with active area connected to the computer with the special handle. In the program in which the artist works it is possible to adjust absolutely different characteristics, since thickness of the line and finishing with style of dab. Every year the range of such equipment increases, and their characteristics increase.

How to choose the graphic tablet?

Many different models with different parameters are presented at the market of the equipment. We suggest to understand to what details it is worth paying attention that purchase greatly performed the functions, and the result did not disappoint.

What graphic tablet to choose:

  1. It is possible to find the models having the different size of area for drawing. The tablet can be the size since A3 format and to A6. If you the professional artist also want to create the masterpieces on the computer, then of course, give preference to big models. Small tablets are convenient for amateur use as they hold down movements and do not allow to trace fine details normally. The greatest popularity devices enjoy A4 format;
  2. Understanding what graphic tablet to choose for drawing, once you tell about such important parameter, a ratio of the parties. Experts recommend to select the device which will be approximately equal to the computer monitor. Suitable ratio, for example, 4:3 and 16:9. In that case if to neglect this parameter, then the drawing can be distorted and the good result will not turn out;
  3. After that it is necessary to look at a feather on which the convenience of drawing will depend. Take different models in a hand to be defined what option approaches. The feather has to be located conveniently in a palm, and the buttons which are sideways would be easy to be pressed. Important parameter is the softness and hardness of a feather. It is necessary to pick up the most optimal variant and it is the is best of all if at a set there are spare slate pencils;
  4. Saying about how to choose the graphic tablet for the photoshop and other programs, once you understand such important parameter, sensitivity. It is designated by figures which indicate the number of levels of pressure of a feather upon area. The low level of sensitivity suitable for amateur use – 256. For professional drawing this value has to enter a limit from 512 to 2048. It is also necessary to pay attention to sensitivity to change of an inclination of a feather.
  5. One more parameter – the reading height, that is the maximum distance from a feather tip to the screen which is fixed. In most cases this distance makes 10-15 mm.
  6. Finding out what graphic tablet it is better to choose, important to tell and about resolution of the device. For work as a satisfactory indicator 2000 dots per inch are considered. It designates what quantity of points will be distinguished at movement of a feather on inch. It is necessary to tell that than the value of this indicator is higher, that lines will be more accurate.
  7. In some models not only use of a feather, but also touch input, that is drawing by fingers is admissible. Such function gives the chance to expand space for creativity.

In conclusion it would be desirable to tell about buttons of management which are not important parameter, but at the same time they allow to facilitate work. Keys help to change quickly programs, characteristics of a feather, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team