How to choose the greenhouse?

How to choose the greenhouse?

The greenhouse though does not look very difficult design, but nevertheless it is necessary to choose it very carefully. Presently producers offer various models therefore it is worth learning in advance how to choose the greenhouse and on what, first of all, to pay attention upon its purchase.

How to choose the greenhouse for giving - a framework

The first what it is worth paying attention to, is material of which the design framework is made. Most of men know that for creation of a framework the modern producers use a tree, plastic, light alloys and steel. Depends on durability of a framework whether the greenhouse will be able to sustain weight of snowdrifts in the winter or strong wind gusts. Let's consider the main characteristics of materials and we will define what greenhouse to choose.

  1. The strongest material steel, a framework from this metal quickly is considered and easily gathers, long time serves, it is practically not subject to corrosion.
  2. The tree not less strong, but at the same time is subject to rotting therefore to call this material durable it is possible with great difficulty. But its undoubted advantage is environmental friendliness.
  3. Light alloys, for example, aluminum, will not be able to sustain strong wind therefore similar designs do not recommend to establish in regions where the similar weather phenomenon not a rarity.
  4. It would be possible to call a plastic framework ideal option if not need to make the strong base when the person wants to establish it.

Thus, the best option it is possible to call a steel framework. It is durable, has necessary durability and costs rather not much.

As it is correct to choose the greenhouse - a covering

Now we start the choice of a covering of the greenhouse. Modern producers offer us three main options – polyethylene, glass and polycarbonate. To understand what greenhouse to choose for giving, it is necessary to estimate all merits and demerits of each material of the top covering.

  1. Polyethylene quite cheap material, and it is possible to get it in almost any shop, it is possible to fix it on a framework, and the fact that it well passes light, its are the main positive lines. And here the fact that it is necessary to change it at least, than once a year, already you will not call advantage. It is easy to damage polyethylene, it is not strong and long time will not be able to serve.
  2. Glass does not pass ultraviolet and also easily fights, these qualities of material do not suit many summer residents therefore the similar covering is preferred not by many people.
  3. It is possible to call polycarbonate the favourite among materials for a covering of greenhouses. It is strong, convenient in use, perfectly passes light, however, the cost of similar material will be slightly higher, than at the same polyethylene.

How to choose good shape of the greenhouse?

The last that needs to be thought over, it what form of a construction to choose. Experts agree in opinions that the most successful option will be to establish an arch design, it is considered the strongest and convenient in use. Besides, it is much easier to collect spherical designs, and they keep heat better. These characteristics allow to claim that similar constructions are the best choice.

But, if this option does not suit you, then stop the choice on the rectangular greenhouse with a triangular roof. It will perfectly pass light and in the winter snow will not accumulate on its surface. By the way, one more advantage of this option it is possible to call that it quite nicely looks, and your seasonal dacha will not look untidy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team