How to choose the puncher?

How to choose the puncher?

In order that by the hands to do houses repair, it is necessary to buy the reliable tool, only treat its choice responsibly, the same drill or the puncher in a consequence will be useful to you still more than once.

How to choose the puncher?

How to choose the puncher for apartment renovation, is told and written much, but not to study the mountain of information, let's use the short instruction which will help to pick up the high-quality and inexpensive tool.

  1. Do not spend money for acquisition of professional models. Many people consider that only the professional tool is reliable and qualitative, however, it no more than delusion. In most cases, professional models will have functions which just will not be required to you when carrying out repair work of the house or at the dacha, so, you will just spend money in vain.
  2. Pay attention to quantity of the modes of model, it will help as it is correct to choose the puncher, and to save money. In the market it is possible to find devices with two and three modes, as a rule, the last are more expensive, but it makes sense to buy them only if time spent for repair is more important than money for you. If you are not ready to pay more only for an opportunity to save about half an hour from the general time for carrying out repair, then it does not make sense to spend the large sum.
  3. Well think what firm to choose the puncher for the house, not the quality of the tool, but its cost will depend on the brand often. Models of firm known to all Bosch it is frequent differ in nothing special from the same Makita's tool, but their price it will be incommensurable above. Of course, you should not take absolutely cheap tool, but also to overpay only for a brand imenitost not too reasonably.
  4. Pay attention to a guarantee of the producer, it should be done as important not only to choose the puncher for work, but also to be sure of its safety and reliability. At least the warranty period for the similar tool has to make 1 year if it is much less, then it can be considered an indirect indicator of poor quality of model.
  5. Do not take the hammer drill instead of the puncher, these are absolutely different tools. The hammer drill will not be able to perform for a short time that work which without problems will be made by the puncher therefore it is better to buy it.
  6. Choose the convenient handle, fingers should not slide on its covering, and buttons of inclusion and switching off have to be located so that them it was comfortable to use.

Of course, it is the most basic rules of the choice, but even if you will be guided only by them at assessment of quality of the tool, you will hardly get unsafe or low-quality model.

How to choose the puncher for concrete on weight?

The main mistake of many people at assessment of that what puncher to choose, it not the address of attention to what has to be tool weight. Now the majority of the models presented at the market will have weight ranging from 2 up to 5 kilograms. Experts do not advise to take the puncher which weight is more than 4 kg as will work with it quite not easy. It is better to choose model weighing from 2 to 3.5 kg, they are considered as ideal on a ratio power dimensions.

By the way, as for tool power, practically all modern models are identical in this parameter, of course, too cheap, made in the Asian countries of unknown brands devices do not enter this sample. But here models of acquaintances much brands, such as Bosch or Makita, will have insignificant differences on power.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team