How to choose the tablet PC?

How to choose the tablet PC?

Abundance of gadgets on counters of shop make the choice of the necessary device to very difficult. Buying the mobile computer, many ask questions of parameters of the device and also get up before a dilemma: what to choose the netbook or the tablet PC? Or, maybe, to prefer the laptop? Let's consider this question and also we will walk on key parameters of modern tablet PCs on the basis of which it is possible to make the choice for any given device.

Tablet PC, laptop or mobile phone?

If it is about navigation on the Internet in a non-standard situation (at the dacha, in the forest or in the train), then the weight, dimensions and convenience of the device play a paramount role. For Internet connection there are 3 main mobile devices today: mobile phone, tablet PC and laptop.

Phone is the easy, multipurpose and compact gadget. However, to look through photos, and especially movies, to communicate in ICQ, to read articles on it absolutely inconveniently as the screen too small. The laptop is outdoors convenient for work on the Internet, however, the traveler should carry with himself the device weighing 4-5 kg. There are also easier versions of laptops — up to 1.5 kg, however, they cost little at all not. On convenience of work with the tablet PC only netbooks — compact computers can compete with a cover. However, the tablet PC — more modern mobile computers having in some cases smaller weight, than even the netbook, but bigger operating time of accumulators. Therefore with a request help to choose the tablet PC sellers of shops of electronics face more often today.

How it is correct to pick up the tablet PC for parameters?

  1. Performance. It will depend on tasks which on the tablet personal computer will be carried out. For navigation on the Internet will be the processor of average power enough — to 1 GHz. For work in graphic editors and computer games power has to exceed these indicators.
  2. Operating system. On a question what tablet PC it is better to choose? the experienced selling assistant, most likely, will point to the personal computer from Android OS. It is progressive and really very convenient operating system. It allows to install a huge number of useful applications on the computer. However, if you do not wish to leave from the familiar Windows interface, it is possible to find also tablet PCs from the installed Windows 7 OS. With their help it is possible to use problems all habitual office applications. The choice of the operating system of the tablet PC is only preference in favor of any given interface. It does not influence possibilities of a device (to do calls, to send messages, etc.).
  3. Existence of any given communication modules. As a rule, users choose the tablet PCs which are supporting Wi-Fi, having module 3G for access to the high-speed Internet and telephone communication. Existence of the GPS modem will allow to use the tablet PC as the automobile navigator.
  4. Screen size. The choice of the screen of the tablet PC it is necessary to approach also thoroughly, as well as the choice of the monitor at the computer. The choice of the size of the tablet PC usually too depends on problems which by means of the personal computer will be solved. It is worth remembering that the size of the screen influences gadget weight. The small easy tablet will be suitable for navigation on the Internet during the trips. For watching movies, works with graphic applications it is possible to buy the tablet PC of the size of the laptop.

Thus, on the question how to choose the tablet PC? there is a simple answer: decide on the purposes for what you need the computer. And, proceeding from requirements, select any given parameters of the device.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team