How to choose water counters?

How to choose water counters?

Considering increase in tariffs for utilities, more and more people decides on installation of counters which help to define a real expense of the electric power, waters, etc. By carrying out experiments it turned out to establish that after installation of the counter of water it was succeeded to reduce payment more, than twice, so, expenditure for its purchase will pay off in the shortest period.

How to choose the water counter?

There are several different types of similar measuring devices which differ in some criteria. Counters for hot and cold water differ only in the materials used for their production, so the first can work even at a temperature of liquid of 1500 degrees, and the second – no more than 400 degrees. It is also possible to install and the combined device which will consider an expense more hotly, and cold water.

Saying about how to choose the household counter of water for the apartment, we will stop on one more important criterion – food type. Devices which work from network and without it are presented at the market. In the first case operation of the counter completely depends on power supply and if to switch off it, then it will stop. For this reason, this type of metering devices is considered not too convenient and it is better to choose non-volatile options.

Now we will understand what counter for water it is better to select according to the principle of action as it is the most important parameter. Generally, there are four groups:

  1. Vortex devices. In such devices there is a body located in a stream inside. When there is a movement of water, it creates whirlwinds which quantity is considered by the device. The received value will indicate a liquid consumption.
  2. Electromagnetic counters. Work is based on the following principle: when passing a stream of liquid via the device the magnetic field is formed, and, the water flows quicker, the speed of its education is higher. The counter fixes this indicator.
  3. Tachometric counters. Finding out how to choose household counters of water, it is worth specifying also this option as it enjoys the greatest popularity. Operation of the device is based on the available turbine or a krylchatka who starts moving during passing of a liquid stream through it. The counter considers the number of rotations of this detail.
  4. Ultrasonic counters. Work is based that during passing of a stream of liquid the device publishes sound signals which characteristics depend on the volume of water and flow rate. The counter takes all these parameters in attention and carries out calculation.

If interests what to choose the counter on water for the apartment, then It is necessary to tell that two last options as they are considered as the most optimal variants on all indicators enjoy the greatest popularity.

Councils as it is correct to choose the counter for water:

  1. To make a right choice, it is necessary to be guided by the nominal pressure and temperature range, and by a sensitivity limit, the field of account and extreme value of the adder. The admissible indicator of loss of a pressure is not less important.
  2. You look at integrity of packing and the counter. In a box there have to be documents where operation term and also number which has to correspond to the value specified device panels is specified.
  3. Choose metering devices which have the license and a warranty. Will be useful if the trademark provides regular checking or replacement of the device.

Considering the fact that producers try to specify about products only positive and sometimes even idealized information, it is recommended to see before purchase of the concrete counter on the Internet responses of people who could already estimate the counter in work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team