How to clean a bathtub?

How to clean a bathtub?

Over time the new bathtub made of cast iron, acrylic or other materials becomes soiled and looks modestly. For this purpose there is also information, how to clean a bathtub in house conditions. Today on screens of the TV it is possible to see advertizing of many cleaners which promise improbable result. In most cases it is only the advertizing course which does not yield desirable result. For this reason many hostesses give preference to folk remedies which prove not one year the efficiency.

How to clean a bathtub?

All means offered below can be used for all types of bathtubs and to repeat the procedure unlimited number of times. Aggressive substances which can damage a surface are not their part.

Options how to clean a bathtub from yellowness:

  1. Toothpaste – fine means which will help to get rid of small spots. Apply it on pollution, clean some time with a brush and leave structure before drying. After that wash away paste water.
  2. Citric acid. In a glass of water dissolve an acid bag, and then, the received solution process places of pollution. Leave for 15 min. and wash away.

A huge number of people is interested how to clean a bathtub soda and vinegar as it is the most available means which are in each house. Everything is extremely simple, for example, take soda and dissolve it in water that gruel turned out. Apply weight on spots with an even layer and leave before full drying. After that simply wash away everything water. A method with vinegar also simple: wet a napkin in usual vinegar, and process it places of pollution. Leave at several o'clock and wash away. One more option – a bathtub with a sting. Gather a full bathtub of warm water and pour in 0.5 l of vinegar. Leave on 12 h, and then, merge water, wash a bathtub and dry wipe a surface.

Now we will understand how to clean a bathtub by means of the calcinated soda. This universal remedy which can be used for cleaning practically of any surfaces in the house. To try it on the bathtub, it is necessary to prepare such mix: connect 2 tablespoons of the calcinated and baking soda, and then, add a little water, mixing before formation of gruel. Rub with it a bathtub and leave for 15 min. At this time connect 1/4 cups of vinegar and industrial bleach. Apply this mix on a bathtub with the following layer and leave for 30 min. After time wash away everything a brush, using a large amount of water.

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