How to clean a flue?

How to clean a flue?

People who live in the private house or have a country house, those who heat coal or firewood, by all means ask a question how to clean a flue. There are three methods of how to clean a flue in the private house. These methods can be used independently, without resorting to the help of experts and without spending money for their services.

Mechanical clearing

Such way is considered the most known, tested and effective. This method is that soot needs to be removed manually, having used a brush or the special brush. For example, for simplification of a task use of a special brush which handle consists of separate type-setting sticks is recommended. Thus, it will be possible to clean a flue from within the room. This method is good the fact that on such cleaning not enough time will leave, also it is not so difficult that saves forces. Also it is more preferable what is safe as there is no need to climb up a roof.

The only problem which can arise at such cleaning is a set of bends in a flue. Such brush it will be difficult to clean the heating device.

Chemical clearing

Such way is much more convenient and easier as allows to save more than forces, time and there is no need to spend forces and nerves for a clearing a brush. To cope with a problem how quickly will help to clean a flue from soot of means for cleaning of a flue – special additives which are added to firewood, and in the course of burning they emit active agents which make favorable impact on soot, thereby destroying it. They allow to keep constantly a flue clean, thereby providing high efficiency of the heating device. From advantages of such method it is possible to allocate that there is no need for assistance.

How to clean a flue from soot potato cleanings?

Kind of strangely it was, but there is such national way of cleaning of a flue of soot as use of a potato peel. What is necessary in this method? In the heated furnace the bucket with dry potato cleanings gets enough sleep – it makes excellent impact on soot. It is considered that starch which is emitted during burning of a peel decomposes soot thanks to what it is showered down, directly in the furnace. But in such a way the flue to be cleaned several days. Therefore it is necessary to stock up with a potato peel properly.

Now it is known how without effort to cope with such problem as soot.

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