How to clean a liver in house conditions?

How to clean a liver in house conditions?

It is no secret that many problems with health are connected with the fact that the human body "gets littered" with various hazardous substances and connections. Improper feeding, a bad ecological situation, addictions – all this provokes various diseases and problems. The liver is responsible for purification of blood and still a set of other functions therefore it is worth watching a condition of this body. But many people just do not know how to clean a liver in house conditions and whether it is safe to do it.

How it is correct to clean a liver?

For a start, let's understand some rules which it is necessary to perform procedures when carrying out. First, people who have following diseases cannot be engaged in cleaning of a liver:

  • hepatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • bile stone disease.

Also you should not carry out the procedure during exacerbation of chronic diseases or after the postponed cold, a heart attack or a stroke.

Secondly, before cleaning a house liver, surely consult with the doctor. It will help to avoid unnecessary problems with health.

And, at last, it is not important whether you will apply folk remedies or pharmaceutical, the main thing, carefully follow the instruction and at deterioration in health or emergence of allergic reactions immediately interrupt the procedure and address the expert.

Than it is possible to clean a liver in house conditions?

Today there are both pharmaceutical means for the similar procedure, and national methods. Experts advise to use various herbs, but only in case the person has no allergy to the plants listed in the recipe.

Pharmaceutical means are good too. But they, as a rule, are more expensive, and the effect of their application is comparable with what the house independently prepared means give.

What herbs it is possible to clean a liver?

To make the cleaning tea, it is necessary to mix in equal shares mint, a plantain, a wormwood, chicory, a dogrose, a dandelion, a celandine and an immortelle. After that 3-4 spoons of mix of herbs to fill in 500 ml of boiled water and to allow to infuse within several hours. Best of all if this time tea is in a thermos, so it will be stronger and useful.

The received drink needs to be drunk during the day. Only surely filter tea, otherwise it will be impossible to use it. The cowberry leaf, drink from bilberry and infusion of a medical camomile can also help to clean a liver. And tea from corn snouts is not less good. They are made boiled water and drunk instead of usual black or green tea. Besides, such infusions will help to strengthen immunity, so, will help to protect an organism from diseases.

Than it is possible to clean a liver except folk remedies?

It is possible to find various bile-expelling means in drugstores. They are used for cleaning of a liver. As a rule, such medicines are released without prescription of the doctor and are quite safe if the person has no listed above diseases. But nevertheless experts recommend to coordinate their reception with the doctor to avoid possible problems. Similar means cannot be applied too often or at certain problems with health.

Besides, the expert will help to make the plan of food. Many doctors claim that it is necessary to keep to an easy diet before passing of a course of reception of bile-expelling means and after it. Without restriction of quantity or total rejection of any products of effect of cleaning of a liver can not be. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with the doctor nevertheless.



Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team