How to clean a teapot from a scum?

How to clean a teapot from a scum?

On any teapot, regardless of material of which the device is manufactured the scum appears over time. If constantly not to look after these kitchen utensils, in due time not to delete raid traces, then it will serve not for long. These undesirable firm deposits of salts in a teapot have the small heat sink therefore the surface of the device can be strongly overheated. It will lead to premature breakage. Also the scum which got to an organism together with water can cause diseases of kidneys.

How to clean a scum in a teapot in house conditions?

For this purpose, to slow down process of adjournment of a scum use the special filters detaining salts. However, their application will not be able to protect from formation of these harmful deposits completely. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of a house scum. It is worth remembering that after any method of cleaning it is necessary to wash out the device and to boil in it water several times empty to prevent hit of the remains of means in an organism with tea.

You should not ignore emergence of a dark raid, it is necessary to study how to clean a teapot from a scum inside and to get down to business. The most inexpensive and effective way for removal of such deposits acid long since is considered. By means of vinegar it is possible to clean as the enameled teapot from a scum, and metal not electric. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve essence in the following proportions: on water liter hundred milliliters of vinegar. To fill in ware with this solution, to boil not less than a quarter of hour. Also for removal of a scum from such teapots it is possible to use Coca-Cola, Fanta and other similar drinks. For this purpose to fill in ware, to boil within several minutes. It is so possible to remove not only deposits of salts, but also rust traces. It is recommended to take the light drinks which are not containing aggressive dyes as they will be able to paint the enameled teapot in the color in the structure.

It is undesirable to clean electric devices with acetic solution. For them it is expedient to use citric acid. For this purpose it is necessary to part couple of teaspoons of powder in water liter. To bring to boiling, to wipe with a sponge. After to boil in a teapot usual water for disposal of acid traces.

How to clean a teapot from a scum with soda?

Use of baking soda for the purpose of cleaning of a teapot - a safe, cheap and harmless way. For its implementation it is necessary to dissolve a powder tablespoon in water liter. To fill in this solution in the device, to boil. After the teapot cools down, it is necessary to remove with a sponge the flaking raid traces at a bottom and walls. If the scum did not manage to be removed completely, then it is necessary to repeat this procedure.

How to clean a glass teapot from a scum?

Glass electric kettles gained demand thanks to the appearance. Very originally such kitchen appliances with illumination look. However, they demand the most careful leaving, than the teapots made of other materials. The fact is that they have transparent walls therefore salt firm deposits it is visible at once at the initial stage of education. The bottom becomes covered by a dark raid, and walls begin to turn yellow. Because of it the teapot loses all look.

Soda and juice of a lemon perfectly will be suitable for cleaning of a glass teapot. It is necessary to part these means in one liter of water, to boil. After the device cools down, solution to merge and wipe teapot walls with a soft sponge with soda. Sodium bicarbonate will perfectly save from yellowness and salt raids.

For this purpose, that the procedure of cleaning did not take a lot of time and forces, it is necessary to look after as often as possible a teapot, without allowing formation of a thick layer of scale.

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