How to clean suede footwear in house conditions?

How to clean suede footwear in house conditions?

Stylish, comfortable and expensive suede footwear can easily lose the look due to the lack of leaving and negligent cleaning. That it did not occur, it will be useful to learn how it is correct to clean suede footwear in house conditions.

How at home to clean suede footwear from dirt?

For high-quality care for natural suede footwear the special means allowing to remove house conditions practically any pollution and scrapes are required. These are brushes, aerosol impregnations, skins, paint, etc.

New pair of shoes before the first exit it is desirable to brush from dust with rubber bristles and to process water repellent 2-3 times (each layer is put after drying previous). In this way suede footwear should be cleaned weekly even if on it there are no visible contaminations. The constant protective water-repellent layer will save footwear from strong pollution even if weather will unexpectedly deteriorate.

Insignificant dry pollution from suede are removed a rigid brush or a rubber eraser (at absence special on a brush, it is possible to use office). Damp footwear before cleaning needs to be dried, but not about heating devices, and on a block or having filled inside paper. For stuffing it is the best of all to use toilet paper or napkins – they absorb better, and for process acceleration, paper when soaking needs to be replaced. After drying footwear it is necessary to brush from dirt and to process protective aerosol.

Brown suede is perfectly cleaned by a damp coffee thick – it needs to be applied on a footwear surface, to wait for drying and to brush a product.

For more resistant spots it is possible to use means from the arsenal offered by shoe shop or their house substitutes. Traces well move away from juice and wine weak solution of vinegar. Especially resistant spots will not be able to resist to aviation gasoline and if after use of this means there were stains, wash away them weak solution of sal ammoniac.

Rather often on suede footwear there are traces from salt which strongly spoil its look. Salt is cleaned off at first a rigid brush, and then places of pollution wipe with weak solution of vinegar. At strong vyedaniye paint salt footwear can be tinted special aerosols.

How to clean light suede footwear?

Light suede footwear demands more delicate approach. For it separate brushes since light suede can be spoiled if to brush it the same, as dark have to be acquired.

Easy pollution can be cleaned by means of steam: to take footwear over a nose of the boiling teapot no more than 1 minute and to clean a spot with a rubber brush.

White suede footwear is cleaned milk with addition of soda and liquid ammonia: on 100 ml of milk it is necessary a teaspoon of soda and several drops of sal ammoniac.

Spots can be removed by means of self-made foam more difficult. It is necessary to add 2-3 spoons of liquid soap to a glass of warm water and as much liquid ammonia, to shake up mix before receiving foam which at once to process footwear. For washing off of foam it is possible to use weak solution of vinegar. This way will also be suitable for dark suede.

Even more drastic remedy for strongly worn light footwear – pure liquid ammonia. To them promakivat cotton tampons and carefully wipe the polluted places. After drying the footwear is processed a rubber brush.

How to clean suede footwear from fat spots?

Fresh fat spots can be removed by means of talc or salt – it is necessary to strew with the chosen means a spot, to wait several hours until fat is absorbed, and to brush suede. Older fat spot before powder needs to be impregnated with gasoline. It is undesirable to use salt on dark footwear since there can be stains.

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