How to come into inheritance without will?

How to come into inheritance without will?

Quite often people at the life write the will in which specify a coma and what share of property they leave in case of the death. In that case the issue of inheritance of property after death is resolved quite simply. If the will is absent, the inheritance shares according to the law.

How to come into inheritance without will many do not know till that time, so far not to face it. The experienced lawyer can help with this question. But some highlights how to enter the rights of inheritance without will, we will bring further.

How to issue the right for inheritance without will?

  1. Under the law related faces concern successors. They can also apply for inheritance if the will was not made. Children (including the death of the person who left inheritance adopted and given rise later), the spouse or the spouse of the dead, adoptive parents or his parents are considered as successors of the first stage. If it is several successors, the property is distributed between them in equal shares.
  2. If successors of the first stage are not found or refused inheritance, then the inheritance can pass to successors of the second turn: to sisters and brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, grandsons.
  3. Those who think how to issue inheritance without will have to in 6 months after the death of the person which left inheritance to write the application in notary office and to declare in it desire to come into a fortune. The application is written in the presence of the notary with own hand. The lack of such document is regarded as unwillingness of the successor to receive the share of property. Together with the statement the necessary package of documents moves.
  4. If there is a good reason which prevents filing of application, the term of its giving can be by a court decision prolonged.
  5. After that the person passes to real inheritance of property which completely turns into its possession.

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