How to construct frontal prospect

How to construct frontal prospect

During creation of the architectural project or development of interior design it is very important to present how an object in space will look. It is possible to use an axonometrical projection, but it is good for small objects or details. Advantage of frontal prospect is that it gives an idea not only of appearance of an object, but allows to present visually a ratio of the sizes depending on distance.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - ruler.


1. The principles of creation of frontal prospect are identical to a leaf of a Whatman paper and the graphic editor. Therefore execute it on a leaf. If the subject small, is A4 format enough. For frontal prospect of the building or an interior take a leaf more. Put it horizontally.

2. For the technical drawing or the drawing choose scale. Take any clearly distinguishable parameter for a standard - for example, length of the building or width of the room. Apply any piece corresponding to this line on a leaf, and calculate a ratio.

3. Same will become the basis of the picture plane therefore arrange it in the lower part of a leaf. Designate final points, for example, as A and B. For a picture it is not necessary to measure anything with a ruler, but define a ratio of parts of an object. The leaf has to be more picture plane that on the line of the horizon it was possible to place two more points necessary for construction. Divide this line into equal pieces and designate them, for example, by figures.

4. Determine the second parameter of the picture plane. It can be, for example, room height. If you are going to build frontal prospect of the building, having taken a piece of surrounding space, height of the picture plane can be any. From points And yes In carry out perpendiculars on height of the picture plane up and connect their ends a straight line.

5. Choose position of the line of the horizon. It has to be slightly above the middle of the picture plane. At creation of frontal prospect of an interior of the ordinary room, for example, the line of the horizon has to be in the modern house approximately at the height of 1.5-2 m. If ceilings high, then and the line of the horizon can be located above.

6. Plan a descent point for lines of the horizon. Designate it, for example, as River. Up from it carry out a perpendicular to the line of the horizon. Measure or approximately estimate the diagonal of the picture plane. Increase this parameter by 2. Lay off this distance from a point P on a perpendicular. Designate a new point as S.

7. From the SP line in points of S postpone 2 corners on 45º and continue beams before crossing with the line of the horizon. Put the end of C and D. They are called distance points. Knowing their arrangement and a point of a descent, it is possible to construct a grid of frontal prospect.

8. Define where there will be an observer in relation to what is represented on the picture plane. It is better to place him with edge somewhere. Connect this point to P point. Project the second point of a distance on the basis of the picture plane. Connect a projection and a point where there is an observer, with P point.

9. For definition of position of cross lines of a grid connect one of distance points to points on the basis of the picture plane which you designated by figures. Connect the second point of a distance to the end of the basis located on diagonal. Points of intersection of this line with pieces of D1, D2, etc. will give you the chance to define a ratio of the sizes in process of their removal from the observer.

10. If the plane of an object is directly before the viewer, it will turn out in the drawing just the same, as well as in nature. Build the planes which are at an angle along lines of a grid. All lines have to meet in P point. The viewer sees them precisely under the same corner, as in nature. At the same time their sizes are also limited to lines of a grid, as allows to observe a ratio.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team