How to cope pain auto-suggestion?

How to cope pain auto-suggestion?

It is hard for many people to suffer from severe pain. They are afraid of it and therefore all if only means accept to eliminate it soothing seek to make, see doctors on duty, especially if pain overtakes at night when consciousness is not occupied and cannot be distracted by something foreign. Such minutes it becomes impossible to ignore pain.

Excitement or stress can reduce pain

But there are situations when pain passes by itself. The most usual example – its disappearance at the moment when suddenly there is something unusual, concerning that forces the person to be mobilized and forget about suffering which it inflicted. For example, the toothache often passes at patients who are already ready to enter a dental office. But if they believe this temporary relief and will leave, without having seemed to the doctor, pain will renew with a new force in the fastest time.

However existence of a factor of a stress is not obligatory. It is possible to reduce pain or even absolutely to eliminate it with strong-willed effort, auto-suggestion. This approach is appropriate in cases when it is impossible in any ways to take off pain, and medical care needs to wait for several hours or days.

4 ways to relieve pain by means of auto-suggestion

  1. Recover the pain. For this purpose try to relax, as far as possible, and pay attention to the pain center. What it size? With what color it is associated with what structure and density? To what image does correspond? Address this image, tell it that you understand what pain wants to warn you about, and you will take measures to cure sick body. Promise that you will take care of it. Then try to present that the painful center gets the normal sizes and color, returns to a usual state and ceases to signal about trouble and sufferings. After that pain can cease or pass absolutely.
  2. Transform an image of pain. In the beginning likewise imagine how looks and that your pain reminds you. Then change this image. For example, present that its size decreases, the painful center is reduced to a tiny point. Together with it also the intensity of pain decreases. Change color, change sound intensity if you perceive it.

At severe pain it is difficult to reduce its center and to reduce its intensity therefore just you watch feelings and change them gradually, gradually.

  1. Change of perception of pain. Calling the feelings the word "pain", we cause negative associations in consciousness, awakening fear of severe pain, being adjusted on suffering. Try to be at other loss for words for what you feel. Call it feeling of heat or cold, weight or squeezing, tightening. Try to change also these feelings, mentally adding more cool or warming the sick site, representing that it extends, stretches or decreases – what will give to you relief? Calling pain concrete words, we reduce the reaction to pain and we reduce its intensity.
  2. Relaxation. Pain is practical always tension, a muscular spasm. Relaxation reduces pain, effect of many soothing drugs is based on this reception. Represent that the place where you feel pain, finishes, smoothed, calms down. Pain becomes washed away, not concentrated, does not focus more on one part of a body, and spreads and leaves, flows down streamlets down, leaves your body a drop behind a drop. At the same time weaken not some one site, but all the body completely.

Do not use any of these receptions constantly!

Pain signals about some sharp trouble of an organism which demands the fastest intervention and correction. Therefore be grateful to it, without it you would not be protected. And at the first opportunity – ask for medical care.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team