How to count box volume

How to count box volume

Let's assume that you are faced by a task: what number of boxes can be placed in a trunk of your car if its volume is already known? The task is simple: calculate the volume of each box separately, put and receive the full volume of your cargo. Now you should solve an immediate goal: to calculate box volume.

It is required to you

  • Roulette or ruler
  • Box
  • Formulas for calculation of the area of a rectangle and volume of a parallelepiped


1. By definition of a solid, the usual box is a rectangular parallelepiped or a cube if all its parties are equal. According to a settlement formula of volume of a parallelepiped it is equal to the work of the area of the basis on height.

2. For our example we will consider the basis of a box that side which it costs on a surface. Let's conditionally call it ABCD side on its parties.

3. According to the theorem the area of a rectangle is equal to the work of two of its parties. We find the area of the basis, having measured two parties perpendicular each other: AB and BC. Or AD and CD that the same since the parallel parties of a rectangle are equal among themselves.

4. Parallelepiped height in this case is an edge of a side of AE. Finally we calculate box volume on a parallelepiped volume formula: (see rice)

5. Thus the box volume having the form of a rectangular parallelogram which each side has the rectangle form is calculated. The volume of a box of other form will be calculated on other formulas.

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