How to count weight

How to count weight

To count weight, measure force which affects a body and calculate its acceleration, then divide value of force into acceleration and receive weight. If there is a reference value of weight, force bodies to interact and on the corresponding proportion find weight. To determine body weight, compare it to reference weight by means of lever scales.

It is required to you

  • dynamometer, speedometer, two identical carts, lever scales with a set of weights.


1. Measurement of body weight with the help to a dinamometravozmita a body also suspend it on a usual spring dynamometer. Divide the received value of force measured in Newtons into 9.81 (value of acceleration of gravity). As a result receive body weight in kilograms. If the body begins to move from a condition of rest, measure force which affects it by means of a dynamometer, then measure length of a way which it passed also final speed. Increase force by distance in meters, on number 2, and divide the received result into the value of final speed built in the second degree. Receive body weight in kilograms.

2. Measurement of body weight through interaction with etalonomdlya it take two identical carts of the known weight. Then a body which mass is measured place on one of carts. Pull together with a thread an elastic metal strip that she reminded a horseshoe in a form and place it between carts. Install carts on a smooth horizontal surface and you perepalit thread which fixed a steel strip. It will be straightened, having set carts in motion. Measure the distance passed by each of carts. Then increase the distance passed by the loaded cart by the mass of the empty cart, divide the received number into the distance passed by the empty cart. From the received result take away the mass of the empty cart - it is and there will be a mass of cargo.

3. Measurement of weight you vesamivozmit lever scales and counterbalance them by means of the regulating nuts. Then put a body on one of scales and loading the second bowl with weights with the known weight, achieve that scales were again counterbalanced. Having put the mass of weights, receive body weight. In other types of scales just put a body on their platform and on a scale or the display you will see its weight.

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