How to curtail the drawing

How to curtail the drawing

By rules of storage of technical documentation it is required that drawings which format is more than A4 were put in a certain way. Now drawings in increasing frequency lead to a due look by means of special cars for an automatic folding (that is to folding under binding). But what to do if the drawing needs to be curtailed independently, manually?


1. The order in which there have to be drawings, is defined by state standard specification 2.501-88 where all rules of storage and accounting of design documentation are in detail described. By rules, regardless of a drawing format, it should be put "accordion". At first the drawing develops along the lines perpendicular to the main inscription of the drawing (so that the inscription appeared from above), then the turned-out accordion is displaced on the lines parallel to the main inscription. As a result the main inscription has to appear on the face of the put drawing.

2. There are two types of folding of drawings: for storage in folders and for binding. Let's consider a folding order for technical documentation of A1 format.

3. Look at the image. So the leaf of A1 format develops for storage in folders. At first the leaf is bent on the line designated by figure 1 then – in ascending order of numbers.

4. At addition of the drawing under binding an operations procedure several another: after the first bend on the perpendicular line is made, it is necessary to unbend a drawing corner.

5. The correct order of addition for drawings of all formats is specified in the appendix to state standard specification 2.501-88.

6. By rules of storage of drawings all documentation developed for one product is placed in one album or the folder. At the same time the number of sheets A4 in one folder should not exceed two hundred. If it is more documents – the project is divided into parts and made out in several folders.

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