How to deceive the tachograph?

How to deceive the tachograph?

For most transport companies the tachographs are obligatory automobile devices, but after all there are still drivers who fall asleep and wake up with a thought of how to deceive the tachograph and whether it is possible in general.

Ways as it is possible to deceive the tachograph

  1. How to deceive the digital tachograph. If the analog device about which we will talk slightly below it is possible to deceive, then digital it is impossible. Behind the proof of it it is not necessary to run long: if when checking the inspector comes into the Mistakes and Events menu, then the honest tachograph will specify to it when in what time the accumulator was switched-off, the speed sensor did not work. Besides, he learns even about the speed of movement of the vehicle at that time and also about whether the card of the driver was inserted. It is important to note that information on violations of traffic regulations will be provided to the inspector. And therefore it is recommended to dismiss the persistent idea how to deceive the digital tachograph of the Atholl or Strikh brand. Of course, many say what will help to switch-off the device the magnet put near it, but whether it is worth it? When the tachograph will fail, it is necessary to buy new. Such experiments will help to cost a pretty penny – purchase of the new sensor will cost 120 c.u., and installation – 50 c.u.
  2. How to deceive the analog tachograph. We disconnect the device from the speed sensor. If something happens, this action in a takhoshtaba will be apprehended the usual mistake connected with malfunction of the motion sensor. However, at such way the tachograph will leave from a guarantee. Other option of deception of the analog device consists in the following: we disconnect a takhoakummulyator from food of network. One result: it is impossible to determine the speed and the number of the passable kilometers. The easiest way is in that on the sensor of speed to put a magnet thanks to which various mistakes will appear.

Penalty cost

Of course, if you did not reject yet the idea to deceive the tachograph, important will be to remind himself of what sum should be laid out if, if something happens, manipulation reveal. So, prepare about 50 c.u. in advance and if you the official, then for you special prices – 160 c.u. Many experts with confidence say that today such price quite low. In the near future drivers have to be ready that non-compliance with rules will cause considerable financial expenditure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team