How to define basicity of acid

How to define basicity of acid

Inorganic acids are the complex substances incorporating atoms of hydrogen and the acid rest. There are several classifications of acids – on solubility in water, to existence or lack of oxygen (oxygen-free or oxygen-containing), on volatility (flying, nonvolatile) and also on basicity.

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1. To define basicity of acid, surely pay attention to amount of atoms of hydrogen which connections of this class, in most cases, have from one to three. Thus, if one atom of hydrogen, then acid monobasic if two atoms of hydrogen – bibasic, and three atoms – the three-main is a part of acids. Four - and more main acids also exist though meet extremely seldom. The principle of determination of basicity at them similar.

2. Monobasic acids. In any inorganic acid in a formula hydrogen atom is on the first place. At monobasic acids at each acid only one atom of hydrogen.HF – ftorovodorodny (fluoric) HCl – chlorohydrogen (salt) HBr - bromovodorodnayaHI - yodovodorodnayaHNO3 - azotnayaHNO2 – azotistayaNRO3 - metaphosphoric

3. Bibasic acids. At acid such in a formula always two atoms of hydrogen which define its basicity. H2CO3 - ugolnayaH2SO3 - sernistayaH2SO4 - sernayaH2S - serovodorodnayaH2SiO3 – silicon

4. Three-main acids. Existence in a formula of three atoms of hydrogen is characteristic of them. The three-main inorganic acids are not enough. H3PO4 - ortofosfornayaN3VO3 - boric

5. Quadribasic acids. Incorporate four atoms of hydrogen. H4P2O7 - pirofosfornayaH4SiO4 – orthosilicon

6. Organic acids are also classified by basicity. Presence of carboxyl groups (-SOON) which cause their properties is characteristic of them. Their quantity also defines basicity. Monobasic acids incorporate one carboxyl group: CH3COOH acetic (ethane) CH3-CH2-CCOH propionic (propane)

7. Bibasic acids have two carboxyl groups in a formula. HOOC–COOH oxalic kislotaNOOS-CH2-COOH low-new kislotaNOOS-CH2-CH2-COOH amber acid

8. Three - and more main acids respectively may contain three and more carboxyl groups. For example, here it is possible to carry the three-main oxyacid – lemon.

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