How to define copper

How to define copper

Copper and cupriferous alloys are known from an extreme antiquity. It is easy to extract copper, it has rather low temperature of melting therefore there was it nearly the first metal of which people learned to do weapon, utensils and jewelry. Copper quite often meets in the nature both in the form of various connections, and in the form of nuggets. If the ingot got to you and you want to define whether it contains copper, carry out high-quality reaction.

It is required to you

  • Chemical ware
  • The concentrated nitric acid
  • Hood
  • Spirit-lamp or gas burner
  • File or shaber
  • Ammonia solution (liquid ammonia)
  • Pipette


1. Plane a metal piece on shaving. If you want to analyze I will drag, it needs to be cut small pieces.

2. Pour in a test tube of the concentrated nitric acid. Carefully lower shaving or pieces of a wire there. Reaction begins practically at once, and it demands big accuracy and care. It is good if there is an opportunity to perform this operation in an exhaust case as the poisonous nitrogen oxides capable to cause cardiac arrest are emitted. It is very easy to see them as they have brown color — the so-called "fox tail" turns out.

3. Evaporate solution on a torch. It is also very desirable to do it in an exhaust case. At this moment not only safe water vapor, but also acid vapors, and the remained nitrogen oxides are removed. Completely it is not necessary to evaporate solution.

4. In the same solution pour several drops of ammonia. It is necessary to do it by means of the pipette. If in nitric acid you dissolved a copper wire or sawdust, solution will be painted in bright blue color.

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