How to define parts of the world without compass

How to define parts of the world without compass

There is no more exact way allowing to define parts of the world, than navigation by means of a compass. Scientists believe that this surprising device was invented in China more than 4000 years ago. But present a situation, there is no compass, and the direction is vital to calculate. What should I do? The most important not to recede and not to be given!


1. The most reliable way to orient in the unfamiliar area it to find a pole star in the sky. Of course, means that on the street night, and the sky over the head clear. How to find this star? Very simply! For a start we will find characteristic outlines of "Big Dipper" still called in the people a ladle. Now it is mentally combinable two extreme stars of our "ladle" a straight line. Having used imagination, "we will draw" a line further and we will measure on it five more same distances, as between our two asterisks. Here we also found a pole star which if to rise to it the person always points north! The trick is farther: behind South, at the left West well and on the right East.

2. And what to do in the afternoon? We will be guided by the sun in the afternoon. At noon the sun in a zenith also indicates the South. Rising always in the east, and sunset respectively in the West. But there is also one more way of definition of parts of the world by the sun. For this purpose the ordinary watch will be necessary for you. Direct a small hour hand of hours to the sun. Divide the smaller sector between this arrow and 12 hours into 2 parts. Mentally draw a line which will specify to you where there is a South.

3. It it is attentive to look at one more way of definition of the direction on trees. Pay attention that one party of a tree practically always has bigger quantity of branches, and branches from this party longer. All live reaches for light and the sun. Long branches indicate the South. The moss, on the contrary, from the sun hides therefore it mainly grows on opposite North side. And if you find a stub, with well allocated annual rings, then pay attention to their width. From South side the distance between them is more. Birch bark from North side is more dark, than from southern.

4. Parts of the world can be determined by a form of an ordinary ant hill. As any insects ants need heat therefore the party of an ant hill turned on the South more flat. And here from North side of an ant hill the tree or a stone which protect colony from cold is usually located.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team