How to define speech type

How to define speech type

Our speech depending on contents and sense of which we want to inform others has several types. Their use interacts with stylistics of any given text, so, sets a peculiar tone for the reader or the listener, helps to convey to it information more qualitatively. The distinctive signs are characteristic of each type of the speech.


1. One of the most widespread types of the speech – the narration. It represents the story about any given event or the phenomenon in which the chronological sequence is accurately observed. The text of narrative type cannot be without tie, development of action and an outcome. Most often the story is kept from the first or third party with use of expressional forms (aha! crack! as will take off to me towards) which transfer event "reportazhnost".

2. In the text description emphasis is placed on signs of a subject or the person, and all described qualities or properties prove at the same time. For example, speaking about mom, it is necessary to mention eyes, hair, a bearing, a smile, tenderness of hands, kind heart. The text description gives the chance to the reader or the listener to visualize what it is told in the text about. The description is characteristic of any style of the speech. Often he can be met in the work of art where range for imagination thanks to saturated use of language means is widest.

3. The third type of the speech – a reasoning. This explanation of any thought with the purpose to prove it or to disprove. The text reasoning begins with production of a thesis by the author, then there is a reasoning of the chosen point of view. After it the prison which is a conclusion follows. Arguments have to be logical and are supported with examples. The text reasoning abounds with parenthesises: first, secondly, thus, though, on the one hand, however.

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