How to define the brand became

How to define the brand became

Steel goes on sale in the form of ready sheets, strips, bars or a wire. Steel preparations are marked by a brand and depending on the brand are painted in conditional colors. The painted end of preparation with a brand is spent in the last turn. But in practice the house handymen seldom get the marked steel preparations. There is a problem of definition of the grade of steel which can be solved.

It is required to you

  • Chisel, hammer; grinding circle


1. Way first. Peel from a product shaving by means of a chisel. If you deal with high carbon steel, shaving will be short and fragile. Products from low-carbon steel give long and plastic shaving. In such a way you can make approximately idea of content in carbon steel.

2. Way second. Nadpilite a steel product before training by a file. If steel after training is sawn also easily, as well as to it, it is low-carbonaceous. If after training the steel product became more difficult to be processed a file, then steel is almost unsuitable for manual forging because of the high content of carbon.

3. The third way is based on the visual analysis of sparks from a grinding circle. Sparks represent the smallest particles of the heated iron. The more sparks and the they are larger, the metal is more solid. Press a product to the rotating abrasive circle. Arrange a metal sample so that the sheaf of sparks was perpendicular to the line of sight. During test press on a sample evenly, spark length will depend on it; pressing with a different force can yield the distorted result. Near a grinding circle establish the sheet of black plywood – so sparks it will be visible better.

4. In the analysis consider the following parameters: length of sparks, nature of sparks, their quantity (sheaf width), existence of asterisks, color of sparks, luminescence brightness. The short and wide bunch of sparks of a reddish shade with a large number of asterisks indicates high carbon steel. Steel with the average content of carbon has a light sheaf of sparks with a small amount of asterisks. Point long, continuous, slightly curved sparks of yellow and straw color without asterisks with two thickenings on the end to low-carbon ornamental steel and in the middle.

5. Use for determination of quality there were special tables allowing to determine the brand by color and a form of a spark. It is recommended to have in a workshop a set of samples of various grades of steel with brands which will help to compare a spark when determining the grade of steel.

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