How to define the East

How to define the East

Long since the person uses the system of parts of the world, for positioning or the direction. Earlier people were guided on stars. Then the compass was invented, it replaced an astronomical system in most cases. Each hunter and the pathfinder has own system of definition of parts of the world. Let's talk about how to find the East in various conditions.


1. First of all, it is necessary to know that parts of the world are. For this purpose it is necessary to know their arrangement. As a reference system, we will consider own body. Concerning it, the North will directly be before itself, the South from a back, the East on the right, the West at the left. Of course, for a start it is necessary to arrange correctly itself on signs which to define part of the world.

2. The easiest way of finding of the East – on a compass arrow. For this purpose we put a compass on a firm surface. Where the blue arrow, will specify there and there will be a North. Therefore, on the right there will be an East.

3. The following method is based on use of the sun. It is that the sun always rises in the east, and sets in the west. As soon as you learn from where there is the sun, you will be able to define the East. At noon it is necessary to rise to the sun a back, then the East will be on the right, and to point north a shadow.

4. It is necessary to be guided on stars at night. For this purpose we find the constellation of Big Dipper. We find two extreme stars from this constellation (the end of a ladle, but not its handle), and we lay off distance between them five times, until the constellation of Little Dipper. The last star will be in this piece will be Polar. It will be the beginning of the handle of a ladle of Little Dipper. Now the perpendicular to Earth is carried mentally out from it. This perpendicular will be directed to the North, therefore, on the right there will be an East.

5. Also it is worth turning on "national" ways of definition of parts of the world. The moss and a lichen grows from North side of stones and trees. If weather rather hot, then release of pitches at a fir-tree and a pine occurs more from South side. Emergence of mushrooms on trees happens usually from North side. Generally ant hills are south of trees and bushes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team