How to define wear percent

How to define wear percent

Determination of percent, degree of wear is required at assessment of market value of real estate objects for its reduction and forecasting of change. Include physical depreciation of an object, the functional (moral) obsolescence or obsolescence caused by destructive influence of the environment in a concept of wear.


1. It is possible to estimate wear of property on the basis of its actual state and also using data of accounting and statistical account. Except physical, functional and external, the wear is subdivided into removable and ineradicable.

2. Degree of physical wear defines additional costs of reduction of the building in the state suitable for its further safe operation. At the same time the size of such expenses can be comparable to project cost therefore it is so important to determine the size of wear of an object and its components with big degree of reliability.

3. This question is rather difficult owing to design features of real estate objects and impact on wear of various factors which cause uneven destructive changes in a design of an object, its systems and elements. Percent of wear of a real estate object therefore, it is necessary to define element-wise. The appraiser needs to examine for this purpose separately all constructive systems of the building or a construction, to allocate and record the signs of wear characteristic of each constructive system and to determine by them percent of wear of everyone.

4. It is necessary to carry floors, doorways, the base, walls, internal partitions, overlappings and a roof to a separate constructive system. For each of these systems there are established signs of wear.

5. At survey of the base for this purpose, you will not be able to examine it completely as its lower part can be inaccessible for survey. Survey of a socle and the basement will become the basis for determination of percent of wear of the base. The lack of deformations, cracks and a vykrashivaniye of solution in a laying, peeling of a plaster layer is characteristic of a socle which wear does not exceed 10%. The basement at the same time has to be dry, the waterproofing is not broken.

6. Signs of wear of walls depend on that material of which they are made. If walls – from a brick, then it is possible to refer a solution vykrashivaniye in a laying to signs of wear, cracks in it, a deviation from a vertical and a condition of a brick.

7. The design of a roof consists of a roof and a bearing structure. For a roof the degree of wear is determined by quantity of leakages, and a bearing structure – by a condition of material and violation of geometry.

8. The general percent of wear is defined taking into account a percentage contribution of cost of each element to the cost of all object. Find these data in the reference book of "The integrated indicators of recovery cost" in which for all real estate objects of a certain class percentage deposits of each their constructive system to the total cost of a real estate object are given.

9. In case of doubt and suspicion of the latent defects. special technical expertize with use of tools and the laboratory analysis is carried out. The specialized organizations to which it is necessary to address in that case have such experts, the equipment and opportunities.

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