How to describe structure of the enterprise

How to describe structure of the enterprise

The structure of the enterprise has to show the quantitative and qualitative structure of the company. You can represent it in a schematic look, having shown as divisions of the enterprise interact.


1. Make the scheme which supports all departments of the studied company. The drawing has to be ordered by the principle of that what department what department treats.

2. Describe from scoring of the purposes and tasks which puts before itself(himself) the enterprise. Tell about its mission and the history of creation. There will be enough mention of several interesting facts. Educate listeners or readers about the head of the company and his career in this organization a little. List the main of divisions of which the company consists. Briefly report, than any given office is engaged.

3. Describe in more detail one of managements. You need to provide information on its structure, a role of each department in the general tasks of division. Specify the information about chiefs of offices. The brevity, concreteness, informational content have to be the principles of your narration.

4. Continue the story, having reported similar data on other divisions. Show how large parts of the organization among themselves interact and also as various departments of the enterprise cooperate.

5. Tell what way passes a product in your organization that does each division for its creation and improvement. If any department is not connected directly with production of goods, its sale or rendering services, show in what situations it is necessary and for what purposes. You watch that your story was consecutive and logical, do not jump from one object on another. Depending on structure of your organization, you can voice at first briefly the main objectives of each part of the company, and then go deep into each of them in more detail.

6. Present the structure of the organization so that the audience/readers understood that all parts of the company are closely interconnected and that it is impossible to exclude any of them.

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