How to determine kernel radius

How to determine kernel radius

In the structure of the planet Earth allocate a kernel, a cloak and bark. A kernel – the central part located most far from a surface. The cloak is located under bark and kernels are higher. At last, bark – an outer firm sheath of the planet.


1. One of the first the British chemist and the physicist Henry Cavendish in the 18th century suggested about existence of a kernel. He managed to calculate the weight and average density of Earth. He compared Earth density to density of breeds on a surface. It was established that area density is much lower than average.

2. The German seismologist E. Vikhert proved existence of a kernel of Earth in 1897. The American geophysicist B. Guttenberg in 1910 defined a kernel depth – 2900 km. Under assumptions of scientists, the kernel consists of the alloy of iron, nickel and other elements having affinity to iron: gold, carbon, cobalt, Germany and others.

3. Average radius of a kernel is 3500 kilometers. Besides, in the structure of a kernel of Earth allocate the firm internal kernel having radius about 1300 kilometers and liquid external with a radius about 2200 kilometers. In the center of a kernel temperature reaches 5000 °C. The mass of a kernel is estimated almost in 2•10^24 by kg.

4. It is possible to draw an analogy between the structure of planets and the structure of atom. In atom the central part – a kernel is also allocated, and in a kernel the bulk is concentrated. The sizes of atomic kernels are several femtometr (Latin of femto - 15). The prefix "femto" means a domnozheniye on ten in minus of the fifteenth degree. Thus, the atomic nucleus in 10 thousand times is less than atom, and in 10^21 times there is less than the sizes of Earth kernel.

5. To estimate planet radius, use indirect geochemical and geophysical methods. In a case with atom carry out the analysis of disintegration of heavy-nuclei, considering not so much the geometrical radius, how many range of nuclear forces. The idea about the planetary structure of atom was put forward by Rutherford. The dependence of mass of a kernel on radius is not linear.

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