How to develop a brain?

How to develop a brain?

For perfection, as we know, there are no limits. Today all who feel like it are engaged in development of the feelings, consciousness and the processes proceeding in an organism. One good memory is important, the second actively develop the level of thinking. But very few people think that first of all it is necessary to develop a brain. All processes proceeding in an organism depend on activity of a brain.

The brain of the person is how developed, nobody can tell definitely. The mankind asks this question any decade. Some people can remember the large volume of information, others have the high speed of thinking. But how to define how many percent of a brain are involved by the person in general, it is impossible to define. Are known only the facts that this figure fluctuates from 3 to 18 percent. Despite this, people learned to define what hemisphere of a brain is developed stronger, and even to learn about their activity at some point.

How to develop brain hemispheres?

To define the leading hemisphere of a brain in several ways:

  • cross hands on a breast and look: what forearm from above, that side of a brain is also developed;
  • weave fingers of hands and look at a thumb which appeared from above.

As most of people nevertheless are right-handed persons, for certain many asked a question how to develop the left hemisphere of a brain? Let's begin with the fact that the left hemisphere is responsible for language abilities and logic. Under its control there are a speech of the person, ability to the letter and reading and also storing of dates and names. In addition the left hemisphere controls the right part of a body, analytical thinking, information processing and mathematical abilities. It is necessary to develop the left hemisphere by means of loads of the right side of a body. It can be physical or power exercises. The second option – the solution of logical and mathematical tasks. The more you will solve them, the left hemisphere will develop quicker.

In that case if you are a lefthander, for development of the left hemisphere try to do the majority of things by the right hand and as often as possible to use the right part of a body. By the way, lefthanders cannot think how to develop the right hemisphere of a brain which at them is developed by nature. The right hemisphere of a brain is connected with an intuition and it is not considered dominating. Also it performs such functions as orientation in space, the musicality, processing of nonverbal information (symbols and images) and also is responsible for imagination, emotions, dreams and controls the left half of a body. The easiest way of development of the right half of a brain is an active participation in social activity in which all functions of this cogitative block will be used. Singing, the composition of verses, drawing and other belongs to such activity.

For those who catastrophically lacks time for development of each half of a brain separately there is a way explaining how to develop both hemispheres of a brain. For performance of exercise sit down directly and close eyes, evenly inhaling and exhaling. Imagine your brain and both of its hemispheres. Try to establish connection with a brain in imagination, alternately rolling up the left eye to the left hemisphere, and right to right. Then both eyes we look in the middle of a brain. For a while we hold the breath, and at each exhalation alternately we direct a consciousness stream to the left and right hemispheres. Further it is necessary to present that at the left logical thinking, and on the right – inspiration a dream and an intuition. At the left at an exhalation we represent number, on the right at an exhalation we represent figure. Thus, at the left at us letters turn out number 1,2,3 and so on, and on the right: And, in and so on. These tsifrobukvenny combinations need to be continued fatigue will not appear yet. Over time numbers and letters can be replaced with words, for example white - black, morning - evening.

How to develop abilities of a brain?

Knowing how to develop a brain, you should not forget about its abilities. "How it is possible to develop abilities of a brain?" - you ask. Actually there is nothing more simply. Do usual things not by the leading hand, tie with a scarf to yourself eyes and try to carry out usual things on the house. A fine training of abilities is learning a modern language and also occupation with crossword puzzles and puzzles. Also in development of abilities of a brain it is important to eat and be engaged in physical education properly.

Also the books developing a brain will not prevent. Separate series per se for a brain does not exist. However among the recommended literature it is possible to choose the following editions: "How to receive everything that you want, practically without doing anything or Nebesnaya 911", Robert Stone, "Development of the right hemisphere", Merili Zdenek, "Teach to work the brain" Mathew McDonald, "Unblock the brain and begin to live!", Stanislav Müller, "Teach themselves to think" Tony Buzen. You should not forget also about the developing books with games of sharpness which a huge number on counters of bookstores.

And finally, at the end of the intense working day the music developing a brain will become your beautiful ally. The easiest and effective way to relax with advantage for mind – to listen to classical music in Baroque style, or Bach, Handel and Vivaldi's works. Scientists proved that works by these composers positively affect attention, concentration, spatial thinking and analytical skills of a brain. Why classical works have such influence on improvement of mental capacities still remains a riddle.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team