How to develop ability to visualization?

How to develop ability to visualization?

Visualization - the powerful tool helping with achievement of the goals and realization of desires. It does not demand any preliminary training, the technician and receptions which are pleasant to you allows use of any and well turn out. In it its simplicity and convenience: make a wish, think of pleasant and attract it in the life!

However visualization sometimes causes difficulties, and here the main:

  • the necessary image does not appear in any way;
  • the attention dissipates because of foreign thoughts;
  • the accurate image does not remain during the necessary time, and vanishes in several seconds.

All these difficulties are caused by insufficiently developed skill of concentration. If in the head there are thoughts of something another and the imagined pictures are forced out by cares of the present day, visualization is broken. Means, it is necessary to develop concentration and to help the imagination. For a start - recreate everything that you need to present in reality. Ensure completeness of feelings!

Look for sounds

How it is possible to sound your purpose, desire? If it is, for example, sea tour - listen to noise of a surf, shouts of seagulls, voices of people on the beach. If the new car - look for a motor roar, music sounds in salon, rustle of tires. You dream of the child - listen to baby talk, laughter, rattles and children's rhymes.

Pick up pictures

They have to be pleasant and completely correspond to your desire. Paste to them the photo - you have to be a part of the dream.

And during visualization just remember the prepared pictures.

You catch feelings

It is not difficult too: touch things which are connected with your dream or the purpose. You want on the sea beach - set up the person to the sun, go to the river or to the pool and you watch feelings: as you enter water as you dive, float, dry hair a towel …

You want to move to the new apartment - look for opportunities to appear in such houses and areas where you would like to live. You dream of meteoric career - be at offices, you sit down in chairs for heads - at least in shop of office furniture. Pay attention to attributes of the status and prosperity - cash cards, expensive card holders, portfolios, etc. - and remember feelings.

When you are engaged in visualization, you will not need to invent something, it will be rather simple to remember what you already saw, heard and felt. And over time at you it will turn out to supplement the pictures with new details, they will easily arise and keep in your imagination.

And for development of concentration use such exercises:

  1. "Ohm". Repeat "Ohm" aloud or about yourself. Be exempted from thoughts, listen to a sound and feelings in you, similar to vibrations.
  2. The burning candle. Light a candle and you look at it - only no more than 5 minutes. Do not think of anything, just you look at fire.
  3. Choose any fresh flower which is pleasant to you. Buy it and focus on its contemplation the same as in exercise with a candle. Be released from all thoughts, just you look at a flower.
  4. Concentration on breath. Quietly you breathe, tracing the feelings: as you inhale a little cool air and exhale warm as the thorax as lungs rises and falls are filled and exempted from air.

All these exercises need to be done in a quiet situation, once a day suffices. Nothing has to distract you, but you can use quiet music which is pleasant to you.

Over time visualization will take place easily and naturally. The main thing is to be engaged constantly. And to remember - during the session it is very important to relax completely. The relaxation ensures the best functioning of your imagination and steady concentration.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team