How to develop an intuition?

How to develop an intuition?

The modern trade industry not bad earns from those who consider that it has no sixth sense. What is only not bought by people for the help in decision-making. Various cards with hints, balls for decision-making which need to be shaken to see the answer to the asked question. People are ready to spend any money if only to compensate lack of the intuition.

The only question which arises in this case – and from what they decided that at the person the sixth sense is absent or it is badly developed? Actually the intuition can easily be developed. To know the main thing how to make it.

How quickly to develop an intuition?

All have an intuition. And it is the best adviser in all vital questions. However only units listen to its hints, not to mention its constant development. How to develop extraordinary strong intuition – the question depending only on time. If you had any doubts in this respect, read biographies of great people. Many of current successful businessmen not just like that appeared in the right place and in due time. They learned to listen to the intuition and to listen to its councils.

And still, how to develop an intuition? For a start learn to train it. Ways to develop an intuition are very various. For example, you can begin with a usual pack in 36 cards. Open each card, previously having tried to guess its color. Do not argue on anything, and do not try to calculate what card to you will drop out. Just listen to the inner voice. Gradually you will begin to guess an intuition voice among other thoughts and learn to guess cards unmistakably. The main thing in this occupation – continuous practice.

Before you begin constant trainings, It should be noted one more important point. To say about how to develop an intuition, it is considered not absolutely correct. Considering that one and all possess the sixth sense, more successful option would be to speak about ability to listen to the inner voice. The games developing an intuition and various exercises as well as possible will help with it.

Game and equipment for development of an intuition

Speaking about games on an intuition, it is worth remembering that occupations such demand the maximum concentration and ability to listen to the mind and consciousness. In a question how quickly to develop an intuition, the main thing that you have to make, it to disconnect logic.

Before starting development of dialogue with an inner voice learn to drive away from yourself a voice of reason and attempt of a brain something to calculate in the logical way. As soon as you manage to concentrate attention on internal feelings, start self-training to a conversation with an intuition by means of next games.

  1. Walk with a mirror. You need a mirror of the average sizes, about 20-30 cm. For example, such as automobile rear-view mirror. Arrange it so that to see only the sky. The essence of exercise is in that what time you looked only at reflection of trees and the sky in a mirror and did not look at the earth.
  2. Listening to the body. Helps to learn to resort to an intuition in everyday issues. If, let us assume, you face the choice to go to cinema or just to walk, do not make the decision on the last. Listen to yourself and go there where will pull you most of all. Or go there where you will take a step automatically.
  3. Walk blindly. It is desirable that near you there was one more person who will control your movement. It is possible to choose for this game with consciousness also any green space. After several trainings you learn to define intuitively the way and do not come by accident in a hole or a pool any more.
  4. The TV without sound. A method rather simple and easy in respect of daily trainings. Considering the fact that news are usually repeated several times with the same words, it is the best of all to train the intuition by means of this program. It is rather simple to switch off a sound and to understand what it is about. Only do not try to read lips the announcer. It will spoil all effect of exercise.

As you can see, there is a lot of ways to develop intuitive abilities. The main thing to begin to listen to itself, and the inner voice will become the only and most effective adviser even soon in those affairs and decisions which at first sight seem illogical and absurd.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team