How to develop in itself superabilities?

How to develop in itself superabilities?

Many people doubt whether there are superabilities while others with success develop them in themselves. It is no secret that the brain is used by the person not on the greatest possible power. It is confirmed by what in emergency situations, for example, when the vicious dog chases the person, the unsportsmanlike personality can jump through a two-meter fence. For this reason people who think of how to awaken in themselves superabilities quite often cope with this task quite successfully.

How to develop in itself superabilities?

Today any more nobody will be surprised by the person who has an ability to clairvoyance or prediction of the future. Besides superhearing, clairvoyance, telekinesis, a levitation, teleportation, astral travel are possible. Let's consider how to develop some of them.

  1. To develop in itself superhearing, begin with cleaning of ears. For this purpose buy in drugstore of a candle for cleaning, 2-3 for each ear will be enough. After that hearing will improve in itself. For practice it is necessary to spend most much time in silence and loneliness. Leave on the nature, visit quiet parks, take seat, close eyes and listen attentively to each rustle. So you get used to catch trifles and echoes. Further it is possible to practice in the dark room at home – for this purpose accept a convenient pose, close ears earplugs and relax. At first will seem to you that you hear nothing, but it will turn out later that echoes something space and unknown reach you. Repeat practice daily, and all of you will begin to hear more clearly what is not heard by other people.
  2. If you are interested in clairvoyance, then it is necessary to be engaged in meditations as it is one of the fastest and checked ways. However, even more successfully in India to it come by means of use of narcotic substances, but this way cannot be used. Just be engaged in meditation, giving themselves installation, for example, in visions to see the future, and the fact that first it seems imagination will soon take more real shape.
  3. The telekinesis is an ability to move objects without physical impact. In this case development of abilities will be very simple: put before yourself a plumelet or other easy subject and represent how it is displaced aside. After several weeks of such practice it is possible to try to direct a view of a feather and to try to move it by force of thought, and, allegedly, it will really move.
  4. The levitation is an ability to soar above the ground which is attributed to some brightened-up persons. It is considered that it is possible to change polarity of own gravitation that will allow to give the same effect as pushing away of two magnets with an identical pole. But for this purpose did not think up other way yet, except as the deepest spiritual enlightenment which consists in an ascetic way of life, refusal of wordly cares and infinite meditations.

Each person has inclinations. Some easily write verses, others without problems understand knowledge of the higher mathematics. Similar to it and superabilities can be absolutely different and if something long is impossible to you in one area, it is quite possible that your talents in something another. A question of how to disclose in itself superabilities, or at least to understand from what they are areas, very difficult, but if desired you will surely cope with this task.

How to try to find superabilities: two ways

How the question of how to distinguish in itself superabilities was difficult, it can quite achieve, reading a lot of literature on a subject and communicating with those who already achieved progress.

The easiest way to develop is to find to itself the teacher. In many cities will offer you such services both the organizations, and certain experts. You remember, true professionals will explain in detail to you all details and will take care of your safety.

It is possible to try to study according to books, using prayers, mantras or meditations. The introduction of any person to the world of unknown, as a rule, begins with it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team