How to develop the electric power

How to develop the electric power

For power production generators of various designs are used. Some of them so malogabaritna that can be constructed by the house master and are used as reserve sources of power supply.


1. Put the regular bicycle on the special support turning it into the exercise bike. Such supports are on sale in sports shops. If it is not possible to find it, make it independently, for example, of a tree. The support has to raise a back wheel of the bicycle over a floor that it freely rotated.

2. Take a bicycle dinamomashina. Establish it not on a front wheel, as at usual driving, and on back. It will develop alternating voltage with the operating value in 6B at load current up to 0.5A. Not to burn a dinamomashina winding, do not exceed this current.

3. To feed the loading calculated on constant tension, connect the vypryamitelny bridge made of 1N4001 diodes to the dinamomashena. Connect to an exit of the bridge, observing polarity, the electrolytic condenser with a capacity about 2000 mkf, calculated on tension not less than 16 V. Remember that any of rectifier poles, so and the case of loading, it is impossible to connect to a bicycle frame. If it is necessary, instead of the two-half-period rectifier use one-half-period.

4. Tension on the condenser of the filter will be: Vampl =vdeystv*sqrt (2)=6*1.41*8.46 V. If smaller tension is necessary, use the parametrical, compensation or pulse stabilizer assembled according to any suitable scheme. The pulse stabilizer cannot be used for power supply of the radio receivers working in the low-frequency ranges.

5. Do not charge accumulators directly from the rectifier. Surely use the resistor limiting charge current to equal to the one tenth capacity. That the accumulator was not discharged via the stabilizer at the stopped generator, use the untying diode or the relay of the return current. To charge the accumulators containing lithium and its connections, in such a way are impossible.

6. Do not try to use the digital camera as generator loading. From fluctuations of tension it will quickly fail. Charge accumulators from the generator better, and then rearrange them in the device.

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