How to distinguish a ruby from a fake

How to distinguish a ruby from a fake

To distinguish a ruby from a fake quite difficult. People forge these stones long ago and achieved good results. But nevertheless there are signs by which it is possible to determine authenticity of a ruby.

It is required to you

  • magnifying glass, microscope, turquoise or garnet, fluorescent lamp, bright light source


1. The ruby differs from a fake, first of all, in the size. The large, densely painted ruby very seldom meets in the nature. If a stone very large, its origin has to guard.

2. The majority of stones of bright red color in jewelry - synthetic corundum. Unlike natural rubies, they - a faultless form. The natural stone, as a rule has internal defects. The corundum which is grown up by the Verneylya method has curvilinear zonality of coloring which is not in a natural ruby. Sometimes in them even vials of gas and red ultra-violet fluorescence meet. The natural ruby can have bubbles too, but they, as a rule, the same color as a stone.

3. If to examine a stone under a magnifying glass and a microscope, then in the synthetic ruby which is grown up by a flux method it is possible to find inclusions of gumboil. Besides, it is possible to see traces of materials of the growth camera (crucible) - platinum, gold and copper.

4. Ruby very strong stone. If to scratch a ruby on a stone with lower durability, for example, to turquoise or garnet, scratches will be visible. The ruby has no spaynost. Therefore to break a ruby very hardly.

5. Characteristics of a ruby are visible at strong lighting. Color of a natural stone at bright light becomes more dark. The needle inclusions giving so-called ""silk"" gloss are well looked through. In a facet a cabochon, at a natural ruby, such inclusions give effect of six-pointed stars. All this can be considered under a microscope.

6. If to direct ultra-violet light to a counterfeit ruby, it will become orange.

7. The crack on a stone surface, can be the origin indicator. In a natural stone the crack will not shine and will be zigzag. The fake, will have it direct and shining. Anyway, if there is a doubt in authenticity of a stone, it is better to address jewelers. Before purchase it is necessary to study carefully documents on a product with gemstone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team