How to distinguish hydrogen

How to distinguish hydrogen

Hydrogen – the first element of the table of Mendeleyev which Latin name hydrohenium literally means "generating water". Exists in the nature in the form of three isotopes. The first the most widespread – "protium", the second – "deuterium", the third – "tritium". Represents itself colourless gas with chemical formula H2. In mix with air hydrogen is explosive. Easily reacts with active metals, forming hydrides. Reacts with oxides of metals, restoring them to pure metals. How to receive and distinguish hydrogen?


1. From refractory glass place a few in a test tube of small iron sawdust, it is better – iron powder, the more small fraction of reagent, the reaction will quicker and easier go. It is necessary to apply on them several drops of water and it is better the pipette, to allow to be absorbed and fill up from above the second same portion of sawdust (powder).

2. To densely cork a mouth of a test tube rubber with an opening in the center through which there passes the glass curved tube which is (taking away). Other end of this tube has to enter reception capacity, it is better in the test tube turned top by a bottom. It is desirable, through "hydrolock" that hydrogen filled a test tube, forcing out water.

3. Fix a test tube with iron powder and strongly heat. Such reaction will proceed there: 2Fe + 3H2O = Fe2O3 + 3H2

4. The gas which is formed during this reaction gathers in reception capacity that it is easily possible to see on swirling of bubbles in "hydrolock". How to check that it is hydrogen?

5. It is necessary to take a test tube with gas, still holding its top a bottom and to bring the smoldering splinter by the open end. If there was a pure hydrogen, the characteristic loud sound similar to whistle would sound. However, as except hydrogen, there for certain there is a little air, loud "abrupt" cotton will be distributed. It is also the most characteristic reaction to hydrogen presence!

6. Remember that the test tube with sawdust (powder) of iron has to be absolutely whole. Even the smallest crack, and a reception test tube where hydrogen, gathered too is inadmissible. And it is better to wind before present of fire it fabric.

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