How to distinguish nephrite

How to distinguish nephrite

Nephrite - the ornamental stone which is widely used since the most ancient times. In Asia the primitive people used it for tips of arrows and copies, made of it knives and axes. Later, in China, from it created ritual and cult objects. In the nature this stone meets various shades, generally from white to all shades of natural greens. It is possible to distinguish nephrite from other stones and fakes, knowing some of its properties.

It is required to you

  • 1) hammer;
  • 2) needle;
  • 3) wooden stick.


1. Strike nephrite with the hammer - the stone will not break, on it there will be a dent. Nephrite has property of viscosity thanks to the fibrous building, it surpasses all other stone breeds in this indicator. At the same time it can be cut rather easily.

2. Try to scratch a needle a product from nephrite. On the real stone of a trace will not remain, its durability exceeds steel durability twice, and on a fake the scratch will be visible.

3. Knock with a wooden stick on a plate from nephrite - it will begin to sound. Also plates will sound, having hit the friend against the friend. In China made the whole musical instruments for religious music of such plates and did of them calls.

4. Apply a heated stone to a body - it long keeps heat. This property of nephrite is used in medicine, in a stounterapiya, is recognized that it really cures kidneys. Renal gripes pass instantly when imposing plates from white nephrite.

5. It is the most difficult to distinguish approximately nephrite and a jade. They are very close and often unite them one name - it is reaped. Well look at a stone on light. At a jade structure granular, it as though consists of small detalek has insignificant transparency and glass gloss, unlike wax gloss at opaque nephrite which has fine-fibered structure.

6. Attentively consider a hand-made article from a stone. Pointed or larger black inclusions are characteristic of the most widespread green nephrite of various shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team