How to divide percent

How to divide percent

The percent represents a one hundredth part of any initial size. It is a proportion, that is the relative indicator which does not have dimension (rubles, pieces, liters, etc.). Except simple operations of finding of percent sometimes it is necessary to make and more difficult - for example, division of percent into shares.


1. If as a result of operation of division of the size expressed by percent on any number it is necessary to draw interest quantity (that is relative value), then nothing special in comparison with division of usual numbers is required to undertake. Just divide the initial number of percent into the set number, without paying attention to the sign of %, and add it to the number received as a result. For example, if it is required to define how many percent will remain if to divide 65% for ten parts, then 6.5% will be result.

2. If as a result of division it is necessary to receive number in any certain units of measure (that is absolute value), then the operation described in the previous step should be added with finding of percent from initial size. For example, let it is required to define absolute value in bags if to divide 65% of initial quantity in twenty thousand units of a sack tare into ten equal parts. In this case at first you divide 65% into 10 (6.5% will be result), and then you pass to calculation of percent from initial quantity.

3. For finding of absolute value of the share expressed as a percentage it is possible to use several methods. - to find the first how many absolute units (in this case - bags) are the share of one percent, and then to increase by the size of percentage share. That is, for example, 20000/100*6.5=1300 bags. Other way is to increase the initial number expressed in absolute units by coefficient which represents divided into the 100th share expressed as a percentage (6.5/100=0.065). That is 20000*0.065=1300 bags. For practical calculations it is possible to use the calculator or, for example, the calculator who is built in Nigma search engine. To count absolute value of the one tenth part from a share in 20000 bags enter into 65% of initial quantity on the website of this system inquiry 20000/100*(65/10) and press the Find button. The searcher will make calculation and will show number 1300.

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