How to do a snowman?

How to do a snowman?

How there was a snowman, and who stuck together him for the first time? The fact is that in ancient times winters were more severe, and snow dropped out much more, than now. Somehow to cope with snow elements and to have an opportunity freely to move, people cleaned snow and its skatyval in lumps which placed at each other for economy of the place. Quite often children who, most likely and turned this routine into an interesting game which became traditional over time participated in such cleanings. To do a snowman for New year, both of snow, and of balloons, threads and so forth.

Snowman – the attribute inseparably linked in our consciousness with a winter and of course happy New Year. He along with the beauty Snegurochkaya, helps Father Frost to create the magic atmosphere of a holiday and gives a lot of joy not only to children, but also adults. That is why it is so often possible to see in snow time the whole families or groups of adults who with pleasure mold from snow of these fantastic creations. And each of us by all means remembers how do a snowman of snow. For this purpose it is necessary to roll three lumps of the different sizes and to put them at each other. To make eyes, a nose, a hat. And all! Our character is ready.

We do a big snowman by the hands

The big snowman can be made not only of snow. The option of creation of a snowman by means of white threads, PVA glue and balloons is very interesting.

It will be required to us:

  • PVA glue in enough (the amount of glue will depend directly on the sizes of your product);
  • 3 balloons of large diameter;
  • cotton threads or yarn for knitting (pay attention that what will be your snowman more, especially thick threads you have to pick up);
  • brush.

How to do a snowman:

  1. Inflate balloons to the necessary size. Pay attention that their sizes have to be not identical. Tie balls thread and check that they did not come out air. It is very important as so far the product will not dry, the ball has to remain the constant size. Otherwise nothing will turn out, and preparation for a snowman will be wrinkled and will not be round.
  1. Further we pour PVA glue in small capacity. It is better to use construction glue as its large number will cost cheaper for these purposes and as practice shows, it glues better, than PVA from shop of office.
  2. We begin to wind accurately a ball with threads and to coat with glue. It is not necessary to be sorry at this stage gluing, durability of a snowman will depend on it. Similarly we arrive with all five balls.
  3. We leave our balls to dry approximately for day.
  1. When our preparations dried, we puncture a ball inside and accurately we pull out it from threads.
  2. Further we fasten our spheres from threads in the correct sequence (below the biggest, above - small, hands on each side). It is possible to fasten parts of a snowman by means of superglue, the glue gun or imperceptibly to primotat them to each other a wire.

We decorate a snowman

Eyes can be made of buttons or to use self-adhesive eyes for toys which can be got in shops for needlework. The mouth can be drawn with acrylic paints, to cut out from self-adhesive paper or to use red knitting threads and glue.

How to make a nose for such snowman, usual carrot will not approach here. It is possible to stick together a nose in the form of a cone from orange color paper or cardboard. And can you will think up the, original nose for a snowman. Options here weight, they are also limited only to imagination.

The cap for a snowman can be made as of color cardboard, and to use a children's plastic bucket for these purposes. However it is possible to go further and to dress it in the real cap and a scarf.

Such snowman will become fine ornament not only in the apartment, but also on a half-open verandah of a country house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team