How to do domestic wine?

How to do domestic wine?

If the harvest of grapes or fruit is really big, then it is not obligatory to cook from them jam at all, it is possible to make great domestic wine. This alcoholic drink will not concede in anything to those that are on sale in shops. It is just necessary to know how to do domestic wine, and then it will be possible to indulge himself with unusual drink.

How to do wine in house conditions - the basic rules

The first that should be known, it as is correct to choose fruit or berries. Some people mistakenly believe that it is possible to take any quality fruits. But it not so if the person wants wine to be valid tasty and qualitative, needs to be chosen only the ripe, a little overripe fruits which are not begun to rot or damaged.

Not less important and to define amount of sugar. For dry grape drink it is necessary to take on 1 l of juice from 50 to 100 g of sugar, for dessert not less than 100 g. For preparation of domestic wine from apples on 10 l of juice take 2.3 kg of sugar. At the same time 1.3 kg add at the first fermentation, and the remained quantity at the second stage of fermentation.

How it is correct to do wine in house conditions?

  1. We choose fruits, based on the principles described above.
  2. We crush them in any way – we knife, we pass via the meat grinder or we use the blender.
  3. We shift the received mix in the capacity (barrel, a bucket) and we add to it sugar. We mix and leave in the dark place where air temperature is approximately equal to 20-23 degrees Celsius.
  4. We wait for from 2 to 10 days and as soon as on a surface the emerged alburnum (the crushed peel and pieces of pulp) is shown, we wring out it and we pour juice on bottles.
  5. Sugar is added to large bottles (if apples wine), or they are just corked with a rubber glove and go away to the dark place.
  6. As soon as wine ceases to emit air (the glove "falls"), he is moved away to the cellar for 30-50 days.
  7. Drink is filtered and corked in large bottles.

What to do if domestic wine too sweet?

There are two ways of the solution of this problem. First, it is possible to leave drink once again to perebrodit. At repeated fermentation the excess of sugar will be eliminated. But, process is very long therefore many recommend to use the second way.

It is possible just to dilute wine water, but do it extremely carefully. The amount of liquid needs to be measured gradually, carefully monitoring approach of that moment when wine becomes nice to the taste, and not too diluted.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team