How to draw a deydara

How to draw a deydara

Many beginning artists, designers and just children like to draw various animated heroes, depending on what style and a genre they prefer to watch. There is enough recently, but very strongly entered life of people of an anime which with pleasure are watched not only by children, but also adults. So, many wish to represent the fallen in love hero from a genre of an anime, but do not know how it is correct to make it. Let's understand how to draw characters of an anime, on the example of the famous hero to a deydar. Before the beginning, should know the beginning artist that an anime including this hero, are drawn by a black (simple) pencil.


1. So, how to draw Deydara – the hero of the animated film of an anime. Prepare the sheet of paper and a black pencil. Take Deydara's picture.

2. Begin to draw with eyes of the character, copying exact lines of those who you are you see on the screen or on the image. Draw eyebrows with a small bend. Carry out under eyebrows at distance 1 cm from them the line.

3. Draw a circle or an oval between this line and an eyebrow. You remember, a round eye is an expression of fear, oval – expression of joy.

4. Draw in an eye in the left part of an oval – a semi-oval, and in the right lower part a small circle. Carry out in the place between an oval and a circle one more small semi-oval. Paint over the central semi-oval black.

5. Begin to draw the person. Draw a circle. Carry out from the middle of sides of a circle at one distance two lines down. Connect these lines, prolonging them down, but not up to a contour.

6. Allocate a chin, having drawn a district line in the bottom of the person. Draw a nose in the form of a small corner.

7. Draw a mouth, having drawn two dash lines is slightly lower than a nose and one line, is slightly lower than them, the same size. Draw hair. You remember, Deydara has them long. It is necessary to draw a lot of the hair falling behind and a small bang. Give to hair a yellow shade by means of the corresponding pencil.

8. Pass to drawing of a body. It has to be lent to a waist. Draw the hands from a body which are slightly hanging down and a little bent in an elbow. Draw palms. Not to draw all palm, it is enough to draw a thumb and nearby index.

9. Pass to legs. Left draw a little more long and closer to you with the developed sock, and right a little well and kind of in the distance without sock. Shade the drawing a little and smear a finger, having given some kind of gray shade. Everything is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team