How to draw a pyramid

How to draw a pyramid

Ideas of space at pupils of the 5th classes are already created rather well that they understood how to draw volume geometrical figures. That your child had no difficulties at creation of figures at school, teach him to draw a pyramid.


1. To draw a triangular pyramid at first put the end, having designated the center of the lower part of a pyramid. From this point carry out by means of a pencil and a ruler Kosaya liniya a little up and to the right. Draw a symmetric line of the same length on a touch height to the left. From a point of the center draw a straight line vertically up on height, twice more than one of lines. Connect sidelines from the lower lines to top.

2. Draw a horizontal line that in the lower part of a pyramid at you the small triangle with the top directed down turned out. Shade the received triangle with horizontal lines to show that it is in a pyramid. Shade sides of a pyramid with vertical lines. The triangular pyramid is ready.

3. To draw a quadrangular pyramid draw a horizontal line. Over it at some distance draw one more line of the same length, only a bit more to the right. Connect sidelines that at you the rectangle mown to the right turned out. In the received rectangle put the end to its center. Draw a vertical line up. This line has to exceed on length twice rectangle side length. From four corners of a rectangle draw lines to the top point of the central line up. The quadrangular pyramid is ready.

4. To draw a pentagonal pyramid apply the same method. At first draw a pentagonal figure. Put the end designating its center. From this point draw a vertical line up. Draw lines up from pentagon corners to the top point of the central line. The pentagonal pyramid is ready.

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