How to draw the electrical circuitry

How to draw the electrical circuitry

Before starting direct installation of any electric circuit, it is necessary to have its schematic image. But not always the electrical circuitry is attached to any given device. If you assemble the electronic device by the hands, execute the scheme independently. Modern computer programs allow to make it quickly enough and in a convenient form.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - Visio Professional Microsoft Office program.


1. Draw the preliminary schematical image of a design of the electronic device on paper. Such scheme executed by hand will allow to group correctly system elements, to arrange them in the necessary sequence and also to connect among themselves the conditional lines displaying an order of connection of electronic components.

2. Use the personal computer and the Visio program for more exact fair submission of the electric circuit. Install the software and start the program.

3. Enter the File menu and select the Create the Document item. Note ticks on the toolbar the Binding to a Grid and Binding points.

4. Configure page setup. For this purpose use the corresponding team in the File menu. Establish in the appeared window a format of the image of the scheme, for example, of A4. Depending on a format choose orientation of the drawing of the scheme on a leaf. The album arrangement of a leaf will be more convenient for our purposes.

5. Establish unit of measure which you will use when drawing the electric circuit and also image scale, for example, 1:2. After that press the button of OK, having finished thereby the choice.

6. Enter the Open menu and pass into library of cliches. Transfer a form of the main inscription, a frame and also other additional columns to the sheet of the drawing. Include in the columns of an inscription explaining the electric circuit.

7. Apply to drawing of elements of the scheme ready cliches from Visio library or use own preliminary preparations. For drawing of special schemes, for example, of images of the feeding subsystems, use the standard set which is built in the program.

8. Represent the same blocks and elements of the scheme by copying of already executed elements, having made then necessary amendments and additions. For an insert of the copied block allocate it with the manipulator and move a fragment on the chosen place.

9. On completion of work on the scheme check correctness of its drawing up. Modify explanatory inscriptions. Save the file under the necessary name. Print the ready drawing of the electric circuit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team