How to drink and to get drunk - cunnings

How to drink and to get drunk - cunnings

The majority of crimes, rash acts and scandals is committed in a condition of alcoholic nonsense. Has a longing fairly drunk person for deeds, there is a shattering heroism, desire to argue and sort out with someone the relations. And for the morning from heroism and self-confidence there is no trace left also, only shame and a headache, and sometimes and heavy consequences for which it is necessary to be responsible. In the best way to avoid all alcoholic costs - it is simple to refuse it, but it was so historically led at the Slavic people that the celebration is, practically, a synonym of a word alcohol. If fun means alcohol intake, then small cunnings will help to avoid undesirable consequences how to drink and to get drunk.

To drink and not to get drunk - as well as what to do?

In order that did not knock down ahead of time, there are some ways to slow down influence of alcohol on a vestibular mechanism and the speech and also to help to remain to consciousness clear.

  1. One couple of hours prior to festivities drink a small amount of alcohol, that which you will drink at a table - it will start production of hepatic enzymes of the alcohols suppressing action.
  2. Eat something fat before alcohol intake, oil and fat fish sandwich, a piece of meat or steam of spoons of vegetable oil well will approach.
  3. Viscous porridges from oats, buckwheat or semolina will approach. All these products promote an obvolakivaniye of walls of a stomach that will complicate hit of alcohols in blood.
  4. Medicine of activated carbon with calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of body weight will be a good sorbent, it needs to be accepted in 2 hours prior to fun and 5 pieces are desirable later.
  5. It is possible to drink crude egg before a campaign, it will help to displace molecules of alcohols in a stomach. If to drink crude egg above your forces then eat two boiled.
  6. During the banquet drink more liquids but aerated and sacchariferous drinks do not approach - they will only aggravate a situation, and clear water will dilute degree and to remove alcohol.
  7. Try to move and talk more throughout a feast to increase metabolism.
  8. Do not mix alcohol, and do not lower degree of the taken drinks.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team