How to establish a plastic corner on a bathtub?

How to establish a plastic corner on a bathtub?

At installation of a bathtub in the apartment there is not always an opportunity to establish it closely to a wall. Therefore quite often between them there is a small crack. It, first, is ugly, secondly, inconveniently as here water inevitably filters, provoking development of a fungus and mold. Besides, because of it there will be indoors an increased humidity and an unpleasant musty smell. The special corner will help to improve situation. It can be mounted the hands. But before it it is necessary to study attentively the recommendations of professionals how to establish a plastic corner on a bathtub. As there are subtleties.

Tools and materials for installation of plastic corners for the bathroom

First of all, it is necessary to pick up the corresponding equipment:

  • the plastic corner – its sizes can be defined, proceeding from length and width of the bathroom; it is necessary to choose a profile with a smooth surface and without everyones wetted through that in it water did not stand;
  • the gluing structure – liquid nails in a tuba best of all will approach;
  • silicone sealant;
  • painting adhesive tape;
  • pencil;
  • roulette or long ruler;
  • pallet;
  • stationery knife.

Finishing of corners in the bathroom plastic corners: preparatory stage

That corners reliably kept and completely performed the protective function, it is necessary to establish them on previously cleaned surface. Therefore the wall and edge of a bathtub should be washed up, wiped carefully with a clean rag dry. If there are signs of a mold, then it is worth using means of Antiplesen.

The crack needs to be processed silicone sealant. It is necessary to start the main stage of work only after it completely dries. If earlier the gap was already closed up, then old sealant should be removed and only then to put new. It is possible to make it by means of a stationery knife or special cleaner (is on sale in shops of building materials).

Costs to those who does not know how to establish a plastic corner on a bathtub in advance it is necessary to measure quantity of a plastic profile by means of a roulette or a long ruler, to put a marking with a pencil and to knife accurately stationery on the pieces on length corresponding to the parties of a bathtub. That the profile well laid down on corners, it is possible to use special caps with a smooth bend which sometimes go complete with the main product. But if they are absent, then the ends of a profile need just to be cut at an angle in 450.

Councils of professionals as it is correct to establish a plastic corner in the bathroom

Those who does not know how it is correct to lay a plastic corner on the bathroom will be helped by the recommendations of experts.

  1. First, surely it is necessary to use a painting adhesive tape to protect edges of a bathtub and a wall from smudges of the gluing structure. Of course, it will be possible to get rid of them and then, after completion of process of installation, having wiped working surfaces with a sponge or a rag. But it is better not to risk. The adhesive tape should be pasted both on a bathtub, and on a corner.
  2. Secondly, you should not put liquid nails at once. It is necessary to put at first a corner to that place where you want to establish it once again to be convinced that it is ideal here. Then slightly to unbend the upper edge of a profile and to accurately squeeze out the gluing structure there, to level the pallet, to press. To do the same also with bottom edge. Now it is possible to get rid of a protective layer of an adhesive tape – carefully not to get moving forward a profile. Surplus of glue also should be removed accurately.

Right after completion of installation you should not take a bath. It is necessary to wait at least several hours until the gluing structure completely dries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team