How to execute a script in AVZ?

How to execute a script in AVZ?

Many people use Zaytsev's antivirus for protection of the computer. In order that this utility was really effective, it is necessary to know how to execute a script in AVZ, differently it will be impossible to destroy the malicious application noticed by the utility.

What is a script and why it is necessary?

Before understanding how to execute a script in AVZ in Windows 7 or other version of this operating system, let's talk about software a little. This utility is used by many users as it has a set of tools for detection of various malicious applications including so-called trojans and also for their removal. High reliability of software made it really effective remedy of protection.

Now let's understand, what does it mean, execute a script in AVZ. If not to go deep into technical details, then the essence consists in the following – at detection of the malicious application, anti-virus software gives a signal, as a rule, on the screen the emerging information window with a script appears. Further the user has to remove a virus, and for this purpose and it is necessary to insert a script into a special pop-up window.

How to make a script in AVZ?

So, the first that needs to be made, it to leave the Internet and to disconnect from it the antivirus software and all the rest ON, established on the computer. Further, allocate the script written in information window, and copy it, for this purpose just click the right mouse button and choose to Copy.

Now we start the most difficult, namely, we insert a script. For this purpose start AVZ, it can be done, having guided the mouse cursor at the File tab which is located in the top left corner of a window of the program, at the same time the context menu will seem, in it it is necessary to choose category Insert a Script. After that one more pop-up window will appear, it is necessary to guide at it the cursor of a mouse and to open by click of her left key the menu where it is necessary to choose the Insert field.

After that it is necessary to insert the copied script and to press the button to start. That's all, it was necessary to wait for reset of the computer, it will be executed automatically, and it is possible to connect the software back and to use the equipment. Remember that installation and reset can take certain time, depending on complexity of a script therefore prepare let and for not really long, but to expectation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team