How to expose tension

How to expose tension

If the power supply is adjustable, it is equipped with the governing bodies allowing to change output voltage in some limits smoothly or in steps. Also it is sometimes supplied with the voltmeter and the ampermeter.


1. On the power supply with the switch just move it to the situation corresponding to the required tension. After that by means of the voltmeter make sure that it corresponds to necessary. At not stabilized block without loading the output voltage can be a little overestimated. At the first inclusion load it with the device which is not a pity for spoiling (for example, the bulb consuming the same current), and having only made sure that tension fell to nominal, start use of the block.

2. With smooth adjustment of output voltage by means of the handle connect to the power supply outside the voltmeter if it is absent as a part of the block. If around the handle there is a scale with divisions, establish tension on it, but the accuracy of its installation will be small. Check it on the voltmeter better.

3. Some blocks have not one, but two handles. One of them allows to expose tension roughly, another - precisely. Such blocks usually have no scales near regulators, but they are almost always equipped with the built-in voltmeters.

4. In case the block is equipped with the built-in voltmeter, before use check its accuracy on exemplary, more high-class. Further carry out similar checks at least once a year.

5. Power supplies with decade switches are very convenient. On such device expose tension porazryadno by shift of values of separate decades. Remember that at rotation in the opposite direction figure 0 is replaced by figure 9 that it is capable to lead to sharp increase of tension and an exit of loading out of operation.

6. There are power supplies with microprocessor management. In them input of value of tension is carried out by means of the keyboard or a valkoder. In addition, some such blocks have the menu allowing to change values of some auxiliary parameters. During the work with such blocks be careful accidentally not to enter the increased value of tension from the keyboard, having dialed, for example, any given digit two times.

7. A number of power supplies is equipped not only with voltmeters, but also ampermeters. Use them for control of the current consumed by loading previously having checked accuracy on more high-class model ampermeter. If the current consumed by loading needs to be limited, use the function of automatic switching which is available in some blocks from the mode of stabilization of tension in the mode of stabilization of current. Switching will be carried out at the moments of transition of value of current through established. The corresponding adjustment can be carried out also by handles, decade switches or through the menu. When using decade switches it is possible to establish value of current of operation of protection and blindly, without ampermeter.

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